Jesus teaches on corrections and errors in the Bible.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you to night, and heard what you said about the Bible and its writers, and I desire to say that many things in it were not written by my disciples or by those to whom my disciples had delivered the sayings that I made use of while on earth.

The text as contained in the present Bible is not a true copy of what I said, or what was in the manuscripts of those who originally wrote; and I am trying to correct the many errors that the Bible contains.

Well, the sayings in the Epistles and in the Gospels and in Revelation to the effect that my blood saves from sin, are erroneous, and my disciples never wrote that false doctrine, for I repeat here, what I have before written you, that my blood has nothing to do with the redemption of mankind from sin, nor has my blood any effect in reconciling men to God or making them one with Him. The only thing that works this great result is the New Birth as I have explained it to you.

So do not let these sayings of the Bible disturb your belief in what I say now, or in what I may hereafter say.

Well, the Revelation of John is not true – it is a mere allegory and not just as he wrote it, for it contains many things that are absurd and not in accord with the truths as I shall write them to you. He has written you already on the “Revelations” and told you what he did not write, as he has been annoyed by this book of the Bible and its interpretations by the preachers and others. It is nothing but a revelation of a vision which he thought he saw while in a trance, as you mortals say. I mean that the real Revelation that he wrote is only the vision of a trance. So let not these things disturb you.

I see that you are getting more of the Divine Love in your soul, and your spiritual eyes will be opened, and your soul perceptions will, before long, see and understand many of the vital truths of God.

I will not write more to night.

With all my love, I am,

Your brother and friend,