Jesus teaches on faith and Spirit assistance.

April 5th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

These people (the Christian Scientists) obtain by their study of the principles that God is everything, and that their will must be subjected to His, a certain union with the power of the spirit world that calls into operation those powers which give them strength of will and a belief that their appetites for the stimulant (smoking) has left them; and that being so, they may easily refrain from further indulging this appetite.

The spirit forces help them to a greater extent than they possibly understand; but in order for this help to become effective, these people must necessarily come in rapport with these forces. They, by what they believe they possess in the way of having a proper conception of the true relationship of themselves to God, further believe that there is some power which exists in the spirit realms that is sufficient to take from them their appetites and enable them to lay aside these appetites for what, they realize, is the unreal.

This faith is a wonderful thing in helping man to do – or not to do – a particular thing, and even though they may not understand the true principle upon which this faith works out the results of which they testify, yet they acquire the faith which causes them to come into close rapport with the powers that actually help them to a successful realization of their desires.

As a matter of fact, God does not, as you may say, personally intervene in these matters, for he performs His work by means of spirits or ministering angels, as the Bible teaches, in things having to do with the material things affecting a man’s existence; and even in the matters of the soul, He uses the Holy Spirit as an instrument to bring to man His Divine Love and infill the soul of man with its presence and essence and influence.

Many of these Christian Scientists have in their souls this Divine Love without really understanding that it is there, or why or how it came to them; but they see the effect and have a knowledge that there is some power within them that enables them to come closer to the Father and experience the presence of His Love.

Christian Science is, in many particulars, a belief which leads to a faith that brings the true, sincere believer into an at-onement with the Father, and makes the believer a possessor of this Divine Love of the Father; and yet many of its teachings are misleading and hard to understand, and not suitable for the great mass of mankind, because of certain mental requirements necessary to be understood before the seeker can grasp the truth that this Divine Love is the only thing that will save him from his sins and fit him for the Kingdom.

But I must not write more on this subject tonight, for, as I have told you, I will come sometime and show you its merits and demerits in detail.

I will soon come and finish my last message, and as there are so many more that I desire to communicate, I hope that we may proceed faster in our work.

I will be with you in your daily life in my love and influence, and try to help you to that condition of mind and soul progress that you pray for, and that are so very necessary.

Yes, I hear your request, and I pray as you desire; and I know that the Father answers my prayers, as he also answers yours. Only have more faith and more soul longings, and you will soon realize an inflowing of this Love to a wonderful degree.

I must stop now. With all my love and blessings, I am

Your friend and brother,