Jesus teaches on how the Redeemed soul is saved from the penalties which sin and error have brought upon it.

March 2nd, 1916

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I desire to write to-night on the subject of how the redeemed soul is saved from the penalties which sin and error has brought upon it.

When the soul is in a condition of sin and error it is not responsive to the inflowing of the Holy Spirit, and in order to get into a condition of receptivity to these influences it must have an awakening as to its actual condition of enslavement by these things; and until such an awakening comes to it there is no possibility of its receiving the Love of God into it, and of turning its thoughts to the Truths of God and to the practices of life that will help it in its progress towards a condition of freedom.

I would not have mankind believe that any soul is compelled to stay in this condition of slavery to sin until the Holy Spirit comes to it with the Father’s Love to bestow it in all abundance, for the mission of the Holy Spirit is not to awaken man’s soul to a realization of sin and death, but merely to bring to that soul this Love when it, the soul, is ready to receive it.

The awakening must come from other causes that influence the mind as well as the soul, and cause them to realize that the life man lives is not the correct life or one in accord with the demands of the laws of God, or with the real longings of their own hearts and souls.

Until this awakening comes the soul is really dead so far as its having a consciousness of the existence of the truths of its redemption is concerned, and such death means a continuance in such thoughts of sin and evil, and in the life which leads only to condemnation and death for long long years, it may be.

But to come nearer to my point of discourse.

The soul that is existing in sin and error will have, sooner or later, to pay the penalties for such sin and error, and there is no escape from the payment of these penalties except in the redemption that the Father has provided by the New Birth. These penalties are only the natural results of the operation of God’s laws and they must be endured until the full penalty is paid. Even though a man may progress to higher condition of soul excellence and have much happiness, yet he must pay the last farthing and thus release himself from these penalties.

With much love,

I am your friend and brother,