Jesus teaches on the condition of the soul.

March 7th, 1920.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Let me write a line for I see that you are desirous to hear from me and obtain the encouragement that always flows from my communications.

I have been with you tonight as during many nights passed with the desire to write you upon subjects important to the work that you are to do and was prevented from doing so only by the condition in which you were that prevented me from making the rapport. As I have told you before, we are governed by law in regards to the kind of messages that we may communicate to you and unless you are in condition that will permit these laws to be complied with we are powerless to use your brain for the purpose of delivering our messages. You also know what the remedy is for the defect that may exist at any particular time and we have urged upon you to seek this remedy and thereby get in the proper and necessary condition that will enable us to make the rapport. But you have not been successful in applying the remedy, not because it is not available to you, but because of your course of thought and failure to pray to the Father for an inflowing of His Love into your soul and thereby causing the proper influence to be caused upon your brain which will enable us to take possession of its functioning and deliver the messages that we have to communicate.

You are in better condition tonight than you have been for some time and I hope that you will continue to think of these spiritual truths and pray to the Father and if you do this we shall soon succeed in writing to you many of the truths that we are so anxious to communicate.

There are very many of these truths yet to be revealed to you, some of far greater importance than you have already received except those relating to the Divine Love, and we are anxious that you receive them as rapidly as possible for they are needed by mankind and many souls are longing for the truth that can only be made known through you. So my brother, think deeply of what I have said and let your work be to you the most important thing in your life. As you know you have only a few years yet to live and if you do not do our work it may be that a lifetime will elapse before we may be able to get another who shall have the qualifications that are required. You sometimes, I know, realize the importance of your work but lately and more often you let your thoughts turn to and become absorbed in things that are of the mere mortal life and as a consequence the greater things are put aside and neglected. I like that this may not continue. We will be with you and give you all the help that is possible for us to give and hope that from now on it may be successful.

Tonight I will not write upon any subject of a formal character and wish to say that we are ready to continue our messages and are dependent only upon you getting in the condition that will enable us to do so.

So think of what I write and pray earnestly to the Father and you will be able to overcome this inclination to lower your thoughts to these material things. We understand just what you need to enable you to turn your life on earth and as we have told you these things shall be provided and you will not be compelled to suffer for anything of this nature that is necessary for your comfort or living. Only trust in us and do the work instead of thinking of these things.

I will come soon and write another message that will be of importance and far reaching with its effect upon the belief of men. Many spirits are with you watching over you and ready to help. You must believe this and act on that belief.

Well, as I have said, it is because of your want of condition and the spirit who moves your pencil are those who merely have the desire to write and are not present to do so. Your guide, the Indian, is a very careful guardian and will not permit many of them to intervene but occasionally he does let one write so that you may know that there are many spirits surrounding you ready to take advantage of the opportunity to write.

But until our work is accomplished this kind of spirit will not be permitted to write. You will remember that sometime ago we suddenly stopped the spirit in darkness from writing you and asking your help. This was done not that we did not want these spirits to get all the help possible, but because the work that we are doing are just now of more importance to humanity as well as to spirits, and every other kind of communication must be stopped in order that our work shall proceed. Then you will see how important the work is for ordinarily nothing is of so much importance as the rescuing of a soul from sin and ignorance.

I will not write more tonight.

Yes, I will pray with you and I hope that you will let all the longings of your soul enter into your prayers for the greater the longing the greater will be the abundance of the love received in answer to your prayers. I will come soon, goodnight.

Your brother and friend,