Jesus teaches on the Father’s Great Gift of Divine Love and these are the last words of the last message received by James Padgett.

September 19th, 1920

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Let me say a few words tonight as I see that you were disappointed in the sermon that the preacher delivered tonight.

Well, you must not be so disappointed because he knows only that which he could deduce from the teachings of the Bible and while what he said was true, yet it is not all of the truth but discussed only one of the attributes of God and that is the loving care that he has for and exercises over the children of earth. To most men this view of God is satisfactory and give them much comfort and assurance in the security that arises from the knowledge that there is such a loving and caring Father; and to these men this assurance is of wonderful blessedness and comfort, and it is well that men can have this conception of God – a Father who is always solicitous for their happiness and welfare and to whom they can pray in the faith that he will hear and answer their prayers.

But as we have written you before, the things that men generally pray for and expect to receive in response thereto, are not the things that God in his own personality bestows upon men in answer to such prayers. His great gift is His Divine Love, and these things of the material or earthly in themselves, he leaves to his ministering spirits to bestow, or, in other words, he delegates his angels to so come into contact with and influence the souls of men that they may feel that their prayers have been answered, as they have.

The preacher’s conception of God does not extend beyond these attributes that in themselves are sufficient to answer men’s wants and make them better and happier. I will come soon and write you of God’s attributes, and hope that you will get in condition that I may make the necessary rapport.

It has been sometime since I have written you of these higher truths that are so important to men, and regret that such is the fact, but now that you have had your vacation, and feel that you are willing and anxious that our communications be resumed, I will try to assist you in getting in that condition of soul that will enable the messages to be written you. But as you know, much depends upon yourself and you must try with all the energies of your soul to obtain a greater inflowing of the Father’s love, for only from it can come the condition that is necessary. Pray more and think deeply of the spiritual truths that have already been written you, and we will come together in closer communion and be able to give and receive the messages.

I am glad that you have thought more of these things during the past few days, and hope that your thoughts will continue and that your longings will flow more to the Father. You cannot now appreciate the necessity for this condition, and if you could, I know you would give all your thoughts and longings and energy to the accomplishment of the work.

Well, I will not write more tonight, but will be with you and pray with you and try to influence you in the efforts to perform the mission that has been given you. Have more faith and believe that you will succeed and you will not be disappointed.

Your brother and friend,