Jesus teaches on the personality of God.

November 22nd, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have heard what the Professor said to you and you must try your best to comprehend its meaning, for it contains a description of the true conception of God in a way that only one having the developed soul perceptions could explain. The only difficulty in the way of your fully understanding this idea of who and what God is, is that the idea is not one that the mere mind can grasp, for only the soul that has been developed to a sufficient degree can comprehend. But yet, you may be able to conceive of its meaning to an extent that will enable you to get closer to our Father as a real, personal Father, and not as a being of formless existence only. I mean that the idea of personality may bring the Father nearer to you, so that you may realize a deeper meaning of His Love and care and mercy and interest in you and in all His creatures.

In my message on God, you will find that the idea of personality is spoken of, but not emphasized so much as in the writing of the Professor; but the truth is that our Father is, to the soul perceptions, a Being of real existence and personality.

I know how difficult it is for the mind to conceive, even in a faint way, how such a personality can be a part of a Being who is declared to be a mere spirit without form or limitation, and everywhere at the same time; but I tell you that it is a truth that by the soul’s faculties is comprehensible the personal attribute of the Father.

Of course, men will not understand this truth so long as they depend upon the mere intellect to comprehend it, and to them it may not mean much; but it is of the greatest importance to mankind, both in their lives on earth and in the spirit world. “Thou, God seest me”, is not a mere meaningless generality which men repeat and do not understand, for God does see every act of man; and as I said when on earth, not even a sparrow falls without my Father knowing it, and the hairs of your head are all numbered. So if men will only learn that this great truth is of such importance, they will take more care of the manner in which they live their lives.

(I am not disconcerted by the interruption)

As I was saying men must realize that God knows not only their acts but their thoughts, and every idle thought will have to be accounted for, and the penalties which his laws impose will have to be paid.

So, if men would only realize this fact, of God’s being able to see and know what their lives on earth are, they would many times, think before they do some things which they do, supposing that no one but themselves know of them.I am very glad that the Professor wrote to you on this subject to night, for it is one that is very important in our plan of revealing the truths of God and His attributes.

Very soon I will write you another message, and one that will be very important to mankind.

I will come again soon, and tell you of some things that you must learn. So with all my love and blessings, I am,

Your own brother and friend,