Jesus teaches on the True nature of the Holy Spirit.

June 6th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I want to tell you, once and for all, that the Holy Ghost is not God and that the unpardonable sin is a thing which has no existence either in the world of mortals or in the spirit world. I never used the expression contained in the Bible in reference to the unpardonable sin, and it has done more harm to my cause than most any other thing.

Well, I was not conceived by the Holy Ghost as many believe. I was a man created and born as other men; only, as I have told you, I was without sin.

All writings which make the Holy Spirit equal to the Father are untrue. The Holy Spirit, as I have told you, is a mere instrument of God in doing His work among men, and for men to believe that the Holy Spirit is God, is blasphemy – but even that sin will be forgiven men.

I hope that before we get through our writings I will make it so plain and convincing that the Holy Spirit is not God, but a mere spirit, though the Greatest Spirit in His kingdom, that men will cease to worship it as God.

Yes, I will write a formal message on this subject, and you will see that the Holy Spirit cannot possibly be God. So do not let this question interfere with your belief in me or in what I write to you. You are now in the way to truth and the kingdom; and if you will continue to pray and have faith you will become an inhabitant of that kingdom, no matter what the Bible may say which is apparently in conflict with what I write. So with all my love, I will say goodnight.

Your friend and brother,