Jesus teaches soul development to James.

February 19th, 1918.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Well, my brother, I see that you are in much better condition tonight than you have been for some time past, and I desire to tell you that it is due to the facts that you have turned your thoughts more to spiritual things, and have prayed more to the Father. If you will continue to do these things you will soon be in that condition of soul where I can make the necessary rapport with you in order to deliver my messages.

I have been very much disappointed in not being able to deliver my messages of the higher truths as I intended, and have felt that we have lost much valuable time in pursuing our work, and it is true but now I hope that we will not have to delay longer our communications. And we will not, if you will take my advice and in that way try to remedy the difficulties that beset us.

I know that you are interested in the work, and intellectually desire to receive the messages, but this, as I have told you, is not sufficient. You must get in that condition of soul development that will bring you in rapport with me as I come to you for the purpose of writing these higher truths. It has been explained to you that a particular quality of rapport is required in order that we may be able to get in that condition of harmony that will enable us to use your brain and hand so that the messages may be delivered. So for the next few days try to have your soul opened up to the inflowing of the love so that the development may come to you.

I have many messages to write before the book will be completed, and so have many other spirits who are engaged in the work.

Pray, and let all the longings of your soul go to the Father, and you will realize the response that will fit you for the work. With my love I will say goodnight.

Your brother and friend,