Jesus teaches why man must receive the Divine Love in order to be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom.

June 5th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I am with you tonight as I heard you longing for me, and have come to comfort and bless you.

My dear brother, you have the Love of the Father in your soul to a great extent this night, and I see that you are very happy and feel that the Father is very near you. And I am so glad that your condition is such, for I want to tell you how much the Love of the Father is waiting to bless you and make you at-one with Him and a true child of His affections

I am now prepared to give you my next formal message, and if you feel that you would like to take it tonight, I will do so.

Well then, I will write on the subject: “Why man must receive this Divine Love in order to be admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven or Celestial Kingdom.”

In that Kingdom there are no spirits who have not received this Love, so that their natures are of the Divine Essence of the Father. I do not mean that any spirit is perfect in this Divine nature, but that the spirit has so much of this Divine Love in his soul as to make him in unison with the nature of the Father. There are different degrees of perfection, or rather there are different degrees of possession of this Love by the spirits, and their happiness and glory are dependent upon the amount of Love possessed by them. No spirit though, who is an inhabitant of this Kingdom, is without this Divine Love; and no spirit has in its soul any sin or error that may have been a part of it while in the earth life.

All the spirits know that they are immortal, just as the Father is immortal; and this knowledge comes to them only from the possession of this Love which is the Divine Essence that flowed into their souls from the great Divine nature of the Father. Should anything in the soul not be in unison with the Soul of the Father, that spirit could not possibly enter into that Kingdom; and as the soul of such spirit remains in such condition of inharmony, it can never be received into the Celestial Kingdom.

I know that among men, and spirits also, it is thought and asserted that the Father is all merciful and all good, and in His great plan for the salvation of men, and for establishing the harmony of His universe, no man or spirit will be excluded from His Heavenly Kingdom; but in this thought, mortals and spirits both are mistaken; and I am sorry to say that many of them will, when too late, realize this error.

God has certain principles which are fixed and which are necessary for men to know and obey in order for them to become at-one with Him and partake of His Divine nature; and if they fail to obey the requirements of these principles, they will forever be excluded from possessing that in their souls which will make them like the Father, and admit them to His Kingdom.

They, in such condition, or want of the qualifications, even though they were admitted to the Kingdom, would not be happy, for their condition would wholly fail to respond to those things in the Kingdom which give happiness to the true children of the Father; and they, of necessity, would be most unhappy, and heaven would not be a heaven to them. So you see, all spirits, in order to inhabit this Kingdom, must have the prescribed requirements of soul love and soul development.

As I said when on earth, “He that enters into the sheepfold in any other way than through the gate is a thief and a robber,” and no thief or robber is fitted for this Kingdom of Divine Love.

Let man know, that no Mercy or Love of the Father will be given him to enable him to enter this Kingdom, unless that man seeks this Love and this Mercy in the way the Father has ordained that they shall be sought for. No special providence will be extended to any man, and if he comes to the marriage feast without his wedding garment, he will be cast out and not be permitted to enjoy the feast. Men may reason to the extent of all their reasoning powers to prove that the Father, being a loving and merciful Father, will not cast them out or keep them from entering this Kingdom, because they are all His children and the objects of His Love and favor, and that one is as dear to Him as the other, and that He is no respecter of persons, and, therefore, will treat all alike; but I tell them that they are mistaken, and if they wait until the Great Day when the sheep shall be separated from the goats, they will realize to their everlasting exclusion from this Kingdom, that what I say is true.

Of course, every spirit ever born is the object of the Father’s care, and He makes no distinction between the spirits and mortals that He has created, and wants every one of them to inhabit His Kingdom and partake of those things which He has provided for them, and which are beyond their conception in the greatness of the grandeur and beauty of these things. And He calls to all His creatures to come and partake of these great provisions that He has made for them, and no creature is refused the gift of these things, or heard to ask and not be answered with their bestowal; yet, when that man or spirit who has this great boon, and the way shown by which he can receive these gifts, refuses or neglects to follow that way or to receive these gifts in the way ordained by the Father, then all these Great Gifts are withdrawn from him, and never, after the Great Day of separation, will he have the privilege of receiving them.

And men cannot say that the Father is unjust or unmerciful or unloving because He forever, thereafter, shuts the door to these privileges or the opportunity of receiving them. Men have rejected His Gift and neglected to search His plans for their great happiness, and, consequently, they will have no right to complain, when they, like the foolish virgins, find the door shut against them.

So I say, men must realize the necessity of putting on the wedding garments and of filling their lamps with oil, in order to be admitted into the Kingdom.

I will not herein tell the way in which men must prepare themselves for an entrance into this Kingdom of the Father, for it would take too long, but I will in a future message explain this fully; but I will say, before closing, that if men will pray to the Father for the inflowing into their souls of His Divine Love, and have faith, they will find themselves on the true way to become inhabitants of His Kingdom.

As it is late I must stop writing, and with all my love and blessings and the blessings of the Father, will say good night.

Your friend and brother,