Jesus was the one true and real Christ.

April 20th, 1916

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, John the Baptist.

I have not written you for some time, and tonight I come merely to let you know that I have not forgotten you, and am with you quite often, trying to help you with my love and influence.

No, I was not present then.

Well, I am glad that you had such an experience, and I will tell you that you shall have many more experiences of that kind for the Celestial Spirits are your friends and companions, and where they are, only love can come.

Well, that does seem contradictory, but the fact is, that I never sent my disciples to ask any such question. I knew at the time of the baptism of Jesus that he was the promised Messiah, and that knowledge never left me or degenerated into a doubt. This passage of the Bible has no foundation in fact, for I never thought it necessary to ask any such question, and, as I have said, I never asked it.

To me, Jesus was the real Christ, and I knew that he was the true and only one, and that no other would come after him, for when he brought to light the fact that God had bestowed upon mankind the great possibility of obtaining the Divine Love and the Divine nature, there never thereafter arose the necessity for the existence or coming of another Christ. The Great Gift that was necessary to make man a being Divine had been bestowed, and beyond that there was nothing that the Father had to bestow upon mankind.

I am so sorry that such an untruth should have been written and incorporated in the Bible. It did Jesus an injustice and made me appear as a contradictory prophet and messenger of his coming. When I said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord, I meant that I knew that Jesus was the true Christ, and that forever thereafter would that knowledge be mine. No, I did not send my disciples to ask the question that you referred to.

As I knew then, I know now, that Jesus was and is the true Son of God, and the savior of mankind, in the sense that he brought life and immortality to light. I will soon come and write you on some of these Bible declarations.

I will now stop, and in doing so say, that you have my love and blessings and the Love of the Father, which is the Great Love that makes you a part of the Divine Essence of the Father.

So my dear brother, goodnight,

Your brother in Christ,

John The Baptist