John advises James not to receive natural love Spirit messages.

April 14th, 1918

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, John

Let me say just a word, and that is, that I have been waiting with some interest until the spirit who has just written you (Spinoza) finished his writing.

I see that you are feeling very much better physically and spiritually, and now I know that we can make the rapport with you that will enable us to write our messages; and so I hope that tomorrow night you will give us the opportunity to write.

What the spirit wrote, I know, was quite interesting, but it is not of the vital, and the time, for the present, must not be consumed by messages of this kind. After we shall have finished the messages that we intend for the book, these messages of the kind just written may be received, for they have a work to do in the plan that we have in view.

I will not write more now, except to say that we are with you very much, and pray to the Father for you and try to help you with our love and influence. So remember what I have written, and pray to the Father.


Your brother in Christ,