John attends a Spiritualist meeting.

September 10th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

I come tonight to tell you that in a few nights I desire to write you a message on an important truth regarding the ultimate destiny of the man who does not receive the Divine Love of the Father, but who depends upon his own righteousness, and the help that he may receive from spirit friends who have not this Divine Love in their souls. I know that this subject has been written on before to a limited extent, but I wish to deal with it in detail and at large so that humanity can make no mistake as to what this future will be, and can have no excuse for not seeking the Celestial Kingdom.

I have been with you tonight and heard what was said, and saw that none of the speakers have any experience as to what this great necessity as to a future state of at-oneness with the Father means, and that they are satisfied with the knowledge of the continuity of life and the help and comfort that their spirit friends may bring to them in their communications. (Mr. P. attended a spiritualist meeting).

The truth as to this great vital necessity must be taught to mankind, and the way to this Divine Love must be made so plain that no man can have any excuse for not obtaining it and becoming an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom.

Many are longing for this condition of soul and know not the way to obtain it, and have to rest unsatisfied. So you see we must hurry with our messages, for men are dying rapidly and without the knowledge of this great truth.

You are now in better condition than you have been for sometime, and you will continue to improve so that we will be enabled to deliver our messages with ease and certainty.

Pray to the Father for His Love and help and you will receive both and find that your worries will leave you and peace come to you, so that your thoughts may be turned more to the work which is set before you. Faith and prayer are the great means by which your soul may be filled with this Love, and happiness will follow as surely as the day follows the night, and something of the joys of the Celestial Spheres will be yours.

I know that you are anxious to do this work and that you long for the time when your whole efforts may be devoted to it, and to the revealing to man the truths which we come to reveal. We are all with you and are trying to help you in every way so that troubles may leave you.

There are many spirits present tonight, throwing around you the influence of their loves, and praying to the Father that His blessings may be bestowed upon you and your soul made happy with the inflowing of His love.

I will not write more tonight and in leaving you say, pray and believe.

With my love and blessings, I am

Your brother in Christ,