John confirms Jesus’ teaching of the two Kingdoms; Natural love, and Divine Love.

May 5th, 1917.

Washington D.C.

Received by:James Padgett.

I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.

I will not write much, but I desire to say that you have a wonderful message from the Master tonight, and that he was very anxious that you should receive it as correctly as possible; and I must tell you that he was very well satisfied with the way in which he was able to express his thoughts.

It is a wonderful disclosure of the two kingdoms that may and will be established; the kingdom in the spirit world has already been established, for there are many spirits who have the purification of the natural love in that degree that makes them the perfect men as were the first parents.

Well he will come soon and describe the greater and more important way to the true Kingdom of the Father, and I hope that you will be in condition to receive this part of the message in as correct a manner as you have received what has been written to-night. What a Jesus of knowledge and love he is. Can you doubt that he is the very Christ and the Saviour of mankind, and showed men the only way to the Celestial Kingdom.

There was a great concourse of spirits present to-night, and many who heard his message were astonished, and, I know, benefitted thereby. The higher spirits were here in great numbers, and also many who have learned the way and are now progressing; and if you could have seen the expressions of love on their countenances you would thank the Father with all the gratitude of your soul that you have been selected for this work.

Oh, my brother, let not doubt come into your soul as to your mission and as to the work that you are doing.

Your bands, both the higher and those who are progressing, were here, and they were so thankful that the Father is so good, and blesses you so much.

I will not write more but in closing repeat; pray and believe and the love will come to you in greater and greater abundance.

With my love and the blessings of the Father, I will say good-night.

Your brother in Christ,