John continues his message on the future or destiny of the soul.

September 30th, 1916

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, John.

I desire to finish my message and hope that you are in condition to receive it. Well, as I was writing about the future or destiny of the soul that has not experienced the New Birth, I will continue where I left off.

When the soul becomes wholly purified and restored to that condition of perfection that was possessed by the first parents before the fall, it continues to live a life of happiness and contentment, until it realizes that its possibility of further progress, either mentally, morally or spiritually, has come to an end – that it has reached its limit of advancement, and that the happiness that it then enjoys is the full complement of what it may obtain or possess. This condition is one which satisfies the large majority of those who have reached the state of the fully restored man, and they are content to live the life of such perfection, and rest in the assurance that there is no greater happiness or more desirable condition existing in the universe of God.

But with some of these souls, this state does not bring or contain this complete satisfaction, and in them continues the desire for more and greater progress; but they realize that they have reached the limit of their progress, and that they must continue to live in that state which holds for them the happiness and delight of being perfect and at-one with the Father, as was intended by Him when man was created the perfect being.

But notwithstanding this knowledge, that as the soul develops in its natural love and in its moral and mental faculties to the finality of limitation, there can be nothing beyond; yet there comes to them a dissatisfaction and, as it were, a negative unhappiness that causes unrest, and a conscious desire for something, they know not what.

It may be that the memory of something they heard in their progress through the spheres, or an imperfect suggestion of some unconscious, reproduced, dormant memory, inherited from their first parents, of the great gift of endless progress potentially bestowed upon God’s first created beings, and forfeited, that causes the discontent and longings for something beyond the condition of their perfect state.

When this state of mind and soul comes to them, then they are susceptible to the teachings and help of those spirits who have in their souls the Divine Love, and knowledge that there is a way that leads to everlasting progress without limit or possibility of reaching the end.

And many of these perfected souls in their natural love have followed the advice of these immortal spirits, and have left the high sphere of their perfection and entered the lower soul spheres of the spiritual heavens, and sought and found the New Birth of the soul, and progressed from sphere to sphere until they reached the Celestial Heavens, where they are still progressing and realizing a contentment never marred, but always accompanied with the knowledge that ever beyond are spheres of greater happiness of truth and knowledge.

But, as I say, the larger, yes, much larger number of souls that have been born unto men, will find and rest, in the future, in the state and happiness of the restored first parents.

It should not be necessary for me to attempt to make the application of the truths which I have written to the desires and wills of men, for the vital importance of making the choice between the future of the Divine Spirit, and that of the perfected man, is so apparent, that scarcely any mortal, who is not the man that says in his heart there is no God, needs another to apply for him the lesson taught. And I will say in closing that such lesson contains the truths that actual observation and knowledge have made certain. Speculation does not enter into it, and the possibility of error or mistakes is utterly eliminated.

I have written enough and will stop for tonight.

You have received the message very satisfactorily and I am pleased. So with my love and blessings, I will say goodnight, and God bless you with His Love.

Your brother in Christ,