John defines who James’ Guardian Angel is.

March 17th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your Father:

Well my son, I have not written you for sometime as you have not given me the opportunity, but it was best as you have received much valuable information from the others that have written you. Well, I am still your guardian angel and will be as long as you live on earth. I know that Helen is with you very much of the time, and of course is much more interested in you than any of us and tries so hard to make you happy, nevertheless, she is not your guardian angel. White Eagle is your guide in a great many things and is faithful one too, but he is not the one designated by the higher powers to perform the duties of a guardian angel. So do not think that I am not with you trying to help and sustain you in your troubles and cares, for I am.

We are all so much interested in you, that you are never alone even while you sleep. Even Mr. Riddle and Prof. Salyards are with you a great deal trying to influence you in your earthly affairs.

The last writer was the spirit of the man who wrote the book that you are reading. I did not know him until he came to write and introduced himself as the author of the book and said that Jesus recommended him. Of course we consented for him to write.

He is a spirit of the fifth sphere where I live and I shall see more of him now, and it may be that he will join our band, for he is wonderfully intellectual man and well versed in spiritual truths. Yes, he is not filled with this great Love as are your grandmother and mother and Helen. But he will make a desirable addition, and I believe that all the band will consent, especially as Jesus has recommended him.

Yes, I am glad to say that Alice is now in the third sphere, and she is praying with all her soul for more love, – she is a beautiful spirit.

Yes she does, and she loves you very much, for your kind thoughts, and is with me very often, when I am with you. Call her Laura or Sola. Yes, look at your writings and you will see.

Yes, they are still praying and I see them quite often. Mackey is progressing more rapidly than any of them. Taggart is progressing, but he is so hard to convince, but sooner or later he will be convinced and then he will advance rapidly. Harvey is held back by his disappointment in not receiving what the priests had told him on earth. And McNally is still in darkness – his awful habit of drink has resulted in keeping him in this darkness, but he is praying also. And we all hope that they will see the light.

Yes, especially Taggart, who says that he would like to have another talk with you before long, and he wants to ask you some questions and maybe you can answer them so that some of his doubts may be removed.

Yes she (Mrs. E.) is not very happy and has not yet fully realized that she is in the spirit world exclusively. But Helen is with her very much and is trying to assist her to see the light and turn her thoughts to things spiritual.

Well I must stop, so good night, my dear son.

Your loving Father