John explains the responsibility of James’, Eugene and the Dr.’s work.

June 7th, 1918

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

Let me write a line.

I have been with you as you read the messages that your friend received, and want to say that what they say as to your want of condition is true, as you know, and that you must give your longings and thoughts more to spiritual things in order to get in condition to receive the messages again.

But the messages are not correct when they tell him that you will not be necessary to start the great work on earth. There is no other who can possibly start this work and, hence, you must realize the responsibility that rests upon you and make every effort to get in that rapport with the higher spirits that will enable you to successfully do your work.

Your two friends have an important work laid out for them to do, but their work is merely confirmatory of the messages that you receive, and until you shall have received all that is intended to be revealed their work will not start.

Mr. Morgan is now doing a great work among the spirits and his band and many others of the high spirits are kept very busy in attending to the awakened spirits in their demands for enlightenment. He must continue this until the time that I have mentioned, comes, when he will be given the greater work. He is a man of very deep convictions, and earnest in his work, and will sooner or later realize the results of his efforts to help the dark spirits.

Your work and his work and that of Dr. Stone, are separate and distinct. Neither can do the work of the other, but yours must first be done. So do not forget this and realize with all the knowledge of your soul how much depends upon you.

I will not write more now.

With my love I will say goodnight,

Your brother in Christ,