John is affirming that Jesus has also selected Dr. Stone to help in the work in the messages.

October 3rd, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

I came merely to say that you have received from the Master a communication which has more importance than you at this time appreciate.

I am referring more particularly to that part of it which states that your friend has been selected for a work which is of great importance. I know how important that work will be, and he will be impressed at it and will probably hesitate to undertake it, but he must not falter for he will be given all the power that will be necessary for him to have in order to do what shall be required of him.

You both are highly favored in being selected for these missions and you must not let doubt as to your being selected or as to the Master writing to you or as to your having the power conferred on you which will enable you to do the work.

I am interested in both of you, and you must recollect that, while you are both weak and unimportant mortals, yet you have behind and sustaining you the great power of the celestial world, with Jesus as the leader. What a wonderful thing this is!

Why when we were selected as mortals, to become the disciples of the Master we never had such power to sustain us, because Jesus himself was not then as powerful as he is now, and he had not then formed the celestial spheres with all the powers that now exist there. So I say there is no reason why you two should not be greater in your works than were any of us who worked with the Master while he was on earth or who worked afterwards as long as we remained mortals.

Do not think that this is improbable, for it will come true; and while you may doubt, considering the fact that you are weak mortals with all the deficiencies of mortals, yet you must remember this one fact and that is, that so far as you are personally concerned, you are not of importance in doing the work, but as mediums and instruments through which it will be done, you are of the greatest importance to the plans and designs of these higher spirits. Of more importance than any other mortals at this time.

So there is no reason to flatter yourselves because of the great powers that will be given to you, and of the importance that you will be to the salvation of mankind, but you may congratulate yourself that you have been selected from all humanity to do this work. And further, remember this, that as a result of your doing this work you will receive such an abundance of the Divine Love, and come in such close association with the celestial spirits, that you will probably find yourselves in that condition of soul development as will enable you to enter those spheres where your soulmates may be living at the time, without having to go through the experiences of the lower spheres.

I will not write more tonight as your power has been greatly called on by the messages which you have received.

So with all my love for you both, I am

Your brother in Christ,