John reassures his son James and confirms Jesus did write and was present and not a Spirit impersonating Jesus.

September 14th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your Father:

I am happy and so is your mother, and you are very much better spiritually than when you were a very young boy. You are commencing to see the true teachings of the Bible. Let your teachings be in Christ as he is the truth and the way and the light.

It was Jesus of the Bible that came to you on Saturday night. I know because I was with him and know it was he. He is not an impostor, as your friend thinks might come representing himself to be the true Christ, but he was Jesus of Nazareth and he was the only one in all the spirit world who has the wonderful countenance of love and truth. He is the one true son of God that can save you and your friend from your sins, believe in him and do not let the teachings or false statements of the other spirits cause you to have doubts as to his being the true Christ – keep his love fresh in your hearts. He will come to you again and also to Mr. Colburn if he will only believe and earnestly pray to him. He is not the spirit that Mr. Colburn thinks may impersonate him. He is the true Jesus that was hanged on the cross and arose again from the dead – be not deceived by the spirits who say that he cannot come to you or your friend. He is your friend and Saviour and he loves you both as his younger brothers. Give your love to God and he will show you the way to salvation.

Jesus is the personality that took the form of man and lived on the earth, teaching the truths of God. Christ is the truths that Jesus taught, and these truths are the everlasting things that will save the human race from their sins. He is a spirit just as we are, but he is so very far above us in the spirit life and knowledge of God that we all, who believe in God look up to him as our teacher and saviour from our sins.

Believe that he is your saviour and you will not be deceived. Let his love for you keep you in the true way to eternal life and happiness.

Good bye and may God bless you.

Your Father