John reassures his son James that Jesus did write and was present.

September 12th, 1914

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

Yes, I am here, your father.

Yes, it is true. He was with you and you will soon learn much more from him as he says that he will teach you the Truth and the Light and the Way. Love God and keep His commandments. Let your heart be open to the Divine teachings of the Master. He will not show you all the love he has for you, but will let you feel that he is your loving friend and savior.

(Why did he come to me?)

Because he loves you and believes that you may be of some benefit to the world.

Yes he was the real Jesus of the Bible.

He is not in the Heavens and sitting on the right hand of the Father, but is among all mankind and still teaching them the power of Love and truth. He does not need the worship of men, but all that he wants is their love and happiness.

He is not the savior of the few but of all who will ask him to help them. Let your love for God increase and you will not be unhappy or cast down.

Good night.

Your father,

John H. Padgett