Judas advises James not to let his soul become subject to his mortal material mind by choice.

December 1st, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Judas:

I will say only a few words tonight as I see that you are not just in condition to write a long message.

I wish to say that whenever you let the thoughts of your material mind control your spiritual consciousness, the result is that you suffer a darkening of the soul’s faculties and a consequent impossibility to get in rapport with the higher spirits and their condition of exalted truth and the happiness that necessarily accompanies the association of such spirits with your spiritual essence. So you will understand the importance of keeping the purely mental thoughts that are created by or arise from the exercise of the five senses and the reasoning powers, in subordination to the perceptions of the soul that arise from the condition of that soul being in harmony with the truths of the Father.

I know that at times the cares and worries of life will cause the mental faculties to so operate as to obscure or make almost non-existent these faculties of the soul, which alone can perceive and comprehend the spiritual truths of God, that are the only truths that can make men really happy and fitted to enjoy the blessings that the Father is be- stowing upon them.

I make these abstract suggestions that you may apply them to your own condition of mind, as it has existed for the past few days, and making such application you will realize the force of what I say.

Your worries and dread of impending distress and failure to be able to satisfy the demands upon you, have alienated you, to a large extent, from the higher truths and the rapport that you have heretofore enjoyed and possessed, and have caused much unhappiness to come to you. But being mortal, and realizing the demands that are made upon you as a mortal, it may be quite natural that you should get into that condition of worry and dread, and not be able to realize that these higher spiritual conditions are the more desirable, and the only ones that will bring you happiness and freedom from worry.

I know that so long as you are a mortal the cares of life will be a part of your living, and that they will be of sufficient weight to exercise a powerful influence on your thinking and acting, and that you will scarcely be able to cause the spiritual thoughts and happiness that always flows from them, to set aside and make unreal this material condition. Yet such a thing is possible, and you can bring about this so desirable condition if you will only follow the advice that has been given you by your spirit friends. Pray to the Father and believe.

No, that is true. This desired condition will not of itself bring to you these things that you speak of, but it will help you to endure their absence to a greater extent than you can possibly imagine. Neither does the fact that you worry and fret bring these things; and when you have this need and in addition the condition of mind that worry and dread bring to you, you have a double burden and one which does much harm.

So let me advise you to make every effort to get into that condition that these spiritual acquirements will place you in, and trust to the promises that have been made you as to the material things.

I desire to write merely this tonight to encourage you, and to assure you that you need not let the worries and fears of the future, as to these material wants, take possession of you and deaden the spiritual contentment that may be yours.

You will not be abandoned in the particulars mentioned, and you must rely upon the promises that have been made you, and you will find that you will not be forsaken.

So think of what I herein say, and give your thoughts to the Father’s Love and to the promises of the spirits who are so much interested in you.

I will not write more now.

With my love and assurance that what has been promised, you may expect, I am

Your brother in Christ,