Let men abandon the idea that Jesus came as a sacrifice for their sins.

August 8th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Celestia:

I was a Christian woman who was martyred by the fanatic Church of Rome.

I lived in Italy and was a follower of Jesus, but not a believer in the doctrines of the Romish Church.

It was long years after my death I was canonized by the very church which killed me. Of course the Pope and officials who canonized me were different from those who killed me.

I want to tell you that I am interested in your mission and am trying to help you do the work of the Master. He is the saviour of mankind and it must be taught what manner he is their saviour. Not as the Jesus who died on the cross, not because his blood was spilled by the Roman soldiers, not because of any vicarious atonement, but because he brought to the light and knowledge of men the fact that the Father had after long centuries when He had withdrawn the great gift of the Divine Love rebestowed it and taught the way in which men might become partakers of that Love. Even by prayers and faith. The soul of man is the one thing that enables him to become like the Father and is the most important part of man’s creation. If men will understand this and learn that this soul is capable of receiving this Divine Love and becoming a part of God’s Divinity, they will fully realize the mission of the Master in coming to earth.

Let man abandon the idea that Jesus came as a sacrifice for their sins. He came as a messenger from God, bringing the Divine Gift and the knowledge as to how men might obtain that gift. He did not come to pay any debt which man owed the Father or to appease any wrath of the Father, because man owed no debt and God had no wrath towards him.

He came as a mediator in the sense that he was a messenger of light and truth and a shower of the way. Why will men continue to cling to the old damnable doctrine of sacrifice?

Even in the days of Abraham God never required a sacrifice for sin and no sin of man was ever removed by shedding the blood of a goat or any other animal. To teach and believe such a dogma places God on the plane of an angry and jealous God and makes Him satisfied with the trifling thing of having the blood of an animal shed to appease his anger and remove his jealousy.

God is now and has been from the beginning a God of Love and man is and has been the object of that Love. But unless man seeks that love and opens up his soul to the inflowing of that Love he can never become reconciled to God. Love cannot be obtained in the soul of man by anything other than the desire and will of man to have it come into his soul. God wants only the love of man not his fear or dread of consequence because of disobedience. So I say let men know that there is only one thing in all the universe that will reconcile him to God. And that is the opening up of the soul of man to the inflowing of the Divine Love and the prayer to God that such Love may come into his soul.

I do not know that I can say more tonight and will stop, but sometime I will come again and write further.

My home is in the Celestial Heavens far above the spiritual world.

Question by Mr. Padgett.

Well, we are all working with the Master and where he leads we follow and work also. If you will pray and believe you will most assuredly.

Yes, we all pray for you and our prayers ascend to the Father with all earnestness and faith. You would be surprised to know the number of Celestial Spirits who are interested in and are praying for you. I will surely tell him, but as you say, he knows it already, but as you wish me to do so, I will and I know that he loves you too, and wants you to become his true disciple.

I will say goodnight.

Your friend and Sister in Christ,

St. Celestia