Love, and pray to the Father.

December 1st, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Well dear, the message that you have just received was from the spirit who wrote you a few nights ago on the subject of the material. He seemed to be much interested in the matter and says he desires to impart information which is scientific and of importance to mankind, and that he will come again soon.

I see that you have had a very happy day and feel much better because of your visit, and you are better, and in such condition that the other spirits can write, and I hope that tomorrow night you will give them the opportunity. You will receive some very instructive and vital messages and should give all the time possible to the preparation for receiving these truths.

I am quite happy in being with you today, and have felt that we are getting closer together in our love and rapport. It is late, and I will not write more now. Baby is here in her love and says she hopes that she may soon be able to write her letter, and that she loves you so much.

Well he is ready, and will write tomorrow night, if you will prepare the way. I will tell him.

Love us and pray to the Father, as we want you to get more of the love and come closer to us in your soul development.


Your own true and loving,