Luke confirms that Eugene is doing good work in helping dark lost souls.

May 14th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I want to take advantage of the opportunity to write while my dear and personal charge is present. As he knows, I have been with him a great deal, doing for him that which gives me great pleasure, and also helps him in his work of trying to convert some of the dark spirits who are living and suffering in the very erroneous beliefs that they had when on earth, and which, if they be left alone, will cause them to remain in their darkness for a time or times that cannot be determined. I want further to say that he cannot possibly appreciate the work that he is doing, and its results upon these spirits who come to him, not for kindly purposes, but to pronounce upon him the anathemas of the church which they used when on earth to scare the unruly believers of their congregations. Of course, I refer to the priests of the Catholic Church, for they, of all the spirits in the spirit world, make the greatest efforts to keep their followers together, and with the greatest feelings of hatred and indignation resent any attempt to intrude upon and change the beliefs of these followers.

But I am glad that my charge does not become frightened or allow these priests to prevent him from doing his work, which is a wonderful work in this, that never before in all the history of the habitation of the Catholics and their deluded leaders in the Spirit World has any attempt by mortals been made to impinge upon the authority and domination of these priests, and consequently, he must not be surprised to know that his crusade, for I must call his efforts such, has started a very considerable commotion among these blind followers and their blind leaders; and more especially is this the case when it is known to be a fact that many of these Catholics have been shown the way to light and have embraced the opportunity to follow the instructions and teachings given them and get out of their darkness and away from the folds of these priests.

He is doing a great work and must persevere, for if he has been the means of saving only one of these poor benighted spirits he has done a work greater than that of conquering a city, as the Bible says. But he has shown not only one to the light and truth, but many, and those thus saved from their darkness and suffering have taught others the way, and the work thus started by him goes on in almost geometrical progression. No man before has done this work among the spirits of that faith, and when it is considered that there are myriads of them, it can be appreciated what the possibilities are for an earnest worker in the way of changing a sinful and benighted and satisfied soul in sin into a spirit of light and happiness.

And I want further to tell him that this work of his is becoming noised all through the host of Catholic followers, and many are asking about its effect upon the congregations of the faithful, and many also have become dissatisfied with their condition and commenced to doubt the truths of the teachings of the priests and their promises of salvation through the prayers and masses, and are commencing to make inquiry as to where this mortal can be found and how he may be reached. Now, what I have written you is a fact, for I visit these spheres where these spirits live and hear what is said among them, and know that the efforts that my charge has made to help these dark Catholic spirits who have come to him have resulted in good.

Well, I could continue much longer my description of what effect his work has had upon these spirits of darkness and delusion, but will not do so tonight.

Now, I want to say a few personal words to him. As he knows, I am praying for him and am interested in his every thought as to spiritual matters, and am with him in times of doubt and loss of faith, trying to encourage him. And I want to say that he must not lose faith or doubt what we have written him or the truth that he has received in his soul the Divine Love to a great degree, and that if he will continue to pray he will receive more and more, and after a time his faith will become so strong that it will almost be impossible for him to doubt and he will then realize the meaning of faith as the Master defined it; all the aspirations of his soul will become things of real existence.

He is blessed among mortals, for there are very few who have with them the association and rapport of the high spirits, as he has, and when it is understood what this means, it will be seen that he enjoys that which the civilized world among its church members pray for continually and yet never realize, as he does, palpably and unmistakably, the presence of these high spirits and the sensible presence of their love, and even that of the highest and greatest of all spirits – the Master.

I am so anxious that he shall realize all the privileges and blessings that have been bestowed upon him, for I want him to develop his soul and permit me to come into a higher and closer rapport, which only the greater development of his soul will bring about.

I will not write more tonight, as I see that you are somewhat tired, but in closing permit me to say that I most earnestly desire that he shall realize who and what I am, and how much I want him to understand that I am his own Guardian Angel, with a duty that only my love makes it pleasurable for me to perform, and that so long as he shall live as a mortal I will be with him, and as time goes by will get in closer rapport with him, which will result in his powers increasing more and more until, before the time comes for him to perform the great work that has been given him to do, he will be in that condition that will enable him to do it successfully to the glory of the Father and the salvation of mankind.

You may wonder that I write so enthusiastically tonight, but when you come to realize the great work that is to be done and that I know to the fullest extent what it means, and the further fact that I have in my soul the Great Divine Love of the Father to a degree that not many of the Celestial Spirits have, you will not wonder.

So, believe me and trust me, and know without doubt that I love you both with a more than brother’s love. May the Father bless and keep you both in His care. Pray and pray, and believe. Good-night,

Your brother in Christ,