Luke explains that his Gospel is not as he wrote it for it has been changed by men.

August 28th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Luke:

Well, I came to tell you that you are not in such a condition of faith as will enable you to take my messages in a satisfactory way, and I will not write as I expected and give you some account of the errors and untruths that are in my gospel. I am the one who first collected the different writings or manuscripts of the history of the times of the new testament and of the sayings and doings of Jesus and compiled them in one gospel.

The present gospel is not as I wrote it, for many things have been added and a number extracted from what I wrote and what the truths are.

Tonight I will not attempt to tell you but will come again soon.

I know, and I will tell you with all my emphasis that it was Jesus the Nazarine, and the person of that name around whom the New Testament centers. He is the same Jesus and waits to write through you his messages to the world.

So you must believe and listen to what He says, and try to do your best in receiving these messages for they will be the truths of God. I will stop now and say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,

St. Luke