Luther confirms that James’ work is with Spirits who know of God’s Divine Truth and God’s Divine Love.

April 12th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Luther:

When I was on earth I had my troubles and suffering but thanks be to the Father, I was never forsaken and you will not be. And when you consider the greater importance of your work as compared to mine, you must realize that the Father, and the powers of His angels are more interested in preserving you from everything that may interfere with your work than He was with me; for while I was earnest and sincere in what I attempted to do, and believed that I was right in my attacks on Catholicism and in my teachings of the truth, yet I was in error in many things; and you, on the contrary, will not be in error, because what you may receive will come only from the spirits and angels who know what God’s Truths are, So you must see the importance of your work and the necessity for its being accomplished.

Take courage, and when these thoughts of dread of not being provided for and being felt without the means necessary to your existence, come to you, cast them aside.

My dear brother, believe what I have been trying to impress you with, and that we all love you, and are trying to help you.


Your brother in Christ,