Many of your friends are here tonight in Spirit.

February 13th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother:

Let me say just a word, as I have heard the Master’s message and I am glad that he has given you the assurance that he has, for his love and care means to you so much more than you can possibly realize.

He is so very loving and gracious and powerful, and when he comes to you he means to bring with him a glory that is not with him ordinarily as he works in this earth plane.

Well, I love you too, with a greater mother’s love which now fills my soul and makes me so happy and contented in the knowledge that I am an immortal child of the Father.

I know that sometimes you feel discouraged and almost believe yourself alone and that we are possibly not what we tell you we are and then we try the harder to reach your soul and consciousness with our love so that these feelings may leave you and we generally succeed and are happy when we do so.

Many of your friends are here tonight and you have around you a wonderful amount of love and effort to make you realize that you are not alone and you must try to believe what I say.

I am very happy and progressing all the time for I am now higher in the Celestial Heavens than when I last wrote you and so is Helen, bless her dear heart, and of course, your grandmother has progressed and she has become a wonderful spirit all glorious and shining. The spirits who sometimes write about her and who live in the lower spheres of course never see her as she really is for they would not be able to withstand her glorious appearance. But she brings her love with her to these lower spheres and these spirits can feel the influence of that love and do so.

She says she will come soon and write you a message of truth.

All send love and of course your mother gives and leaves with you her love in all its abundance.

And I am happy also, my dear boy. Keep your faith and trust and even though you may live the years that you have been told you, yet they will be short and then you will be with us and your happiness will be great.

Goodnight and God bless you,

Your loving,