Marvels at the wonderful things of Spirit and Love.

December 28th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, the spirt of your old friend, General Henkle.

I merely want to say that I have been present all evening and heard your reading of the messages and the conversation, and must say that some things that I heard surprised me, for instance, the assertion that your spirit was taken from your body, and brought to the spirit spheres, and there enjoyed the freedom of a spirit that had left the earth forever. This I have never heard of before, and cannot conceive that such a thing can be, and if it were not for the fact that your wife and a number of other spirits who are filled with love and truth tell me that it is true, I should doubt the fact. It is all so wonderful to me that but for the experience that I had when I came to the spirit world, and found so many things that I thought true were not true, I should even yet hesitate to believe. How little we spirits know of the wonders of God, and how much there is to us to learn!

And the one thing that even yet makes me marvel is that all these wonderful things, I mean the power of communication and the truths that you receive, should have come to you, who when I was on earth was merely a man like the rest of us with no knowledge of these things. But I have had so many surprises and experiences that I am ready to believe most anything that these high and beautiful spirits tell me. The greatest truth of all – the existence of the Divine Love and its effect upon the souls of men and spirits-I know to be a truth, for I have had it come into my soul and transform my condition of darkness into light and happiness.

Since I last wrote you I have made much progress and am now in the third sphere, where I find so much bliss, and so many beautiful spirits, who possess this love and tell me of the beautiful and wonderful things that you did for them.

Well, my dear friend, it does me good to write you and tell you of my progress, and the certainty of the existence of the great love.

I have met many of my old friends, and brother lawyers in this spirit world, and some of them have found this soul development, but the most of them, I am sorry to say, have not, and are still trying to develop their intellects, especially in the way of spiritual laws which, they think, is the most important thing to learn. And my work is to try to convince them of the greater importance of the divine love, and to show them the necessity of prayer. The work is laborious and somewhat disheartening, but it is mine to do, and I will continue in the work until I am told to go to a higher sphere.

I would like to write longer tonight and tell you of the experiences of some of my friends, but your wife says that I must not do so and so I will say goodnight, and leave you my love, and also your friend, although I have never met him on earth, but realize that he is a kindred spirit that the Father has blessed him also with some of this great love.

General Henkle