Mary informs James of the Spirits present and her love for the Dr.

April 5th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

You have had some spirits tonight who are no doubt thankful that they could write to you, but they do not know what it is to love you and enjoy your company as do some others, of whom I am one, and strange as it may seem, that while you know them on earth you now know me, and yet I am closer to you and that dear boy who is waiting for a word from me, than any of these other spirits are, or can be.

Helen thought it wise to let these spirits write tonight as they were so anxious, and wanted so very much to let you know that they had not forgotten you. I do not refer to that fraudulent spirit who came and thought that he was telling you something that would give you a great surprise, but let me tell you that he was caught as the law sometimes catches the fraudulent ones of earth; but he was not caught by the law, but by love, for if you could have heard how Helen told him of the great Love of the Father and how much he needed it, and how it was waiting for him, and how happy it would make him, you would not regret that he came to you and wrote.

Well, he is one of so very many who know nothing of this Love, and who need it so much. He is now thinking, and I hope that he may be benefited.

Well, I will say a few words to Leslie, for I feel rather serious tonight, and want to tell him that he must not let his faith lessen, or any doubt come to him of the truth of this Great Love, or of the fact that I am his own true soulmate, and love him with all the love of a soul that has much of the Father’s Love.

We are here in great numbers tonight, trying to impress you both with our love, and praying to the Father to bestow it upon you, I mean His Love, in great abundance.

Sometimes as you know, I am quite jolly, and as some of the sedate spirits may say, frivolous, but tonight I do not feel that way, for the love is with me in such degree, that I feel I must get closer to my dear in all its seriousness. He is so very dear to me, and I am so anxious that he get into a condition of soul exaltation that I do not feel that even my soulmate love should intervene. Let the Father’s Love, alone, be his tonight.

I am with him, as he knows, and am happy when I can come to him. So tell him to pray more and believe, and he will find a wonderful happiness come to him.

I will not write more now, as Helen says that you are tired.

So with my love to him, and best wishes to you, I am,