Mary is happy that the Dr. has a photograph of her.

March 24th, 1920

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary:

Let me write, as I am very anxious to say a word to my beloved. I listened to his mother as she wrote on the photographs, and felt that while what she said was true and must be believed, yet I could not feel satisfied until I could write him of the happiness that I have in the knowledge that he has a picture of me, though not a satisfactory one, so far as I am concerned. But, yet, he has one, and will not now have to depend entirely upon his imagination to conceive what his soulmate may look like! If I could only have appeared to him as I really am, or to an extent, at least, that he could see without any inconvenience, I would feel so much happier and the more satisfied.

I love him so much that I could not restrain myself from writing, and I asked Helen to impress you to take the pencil in hand and give me the opportunity; and as she is in such rapport with you, I knew that she could succeed in causing you to do as I wished. I am very grateful, and can only repay you by throwing around you my best influence, and helping you whenever possible.

Oh, the wonder of it all, and how thankful I am to the Father that one little insignificant spirit such as I am, viewing all the hosts of spirits by whom we are surrounded, can enjoy such a blessing! Tell him that he must try to appreciate our privilege also, for it is the cause of a happiness that very few, comparatively, possess.

I am now in the Celestial Spheres, higher than he can imagine, and yet I have these pleasures of joy and bliss, to come to him and tell him of my love, and enjoy his presence. What a wonderful thing the soulmate love is! And how it makes a spirit who possesses the Divine Love happier, in that it has a knowledge that this love of ours is not inconsistent with the Father’s Love, and is the object of the approbation of the real, true Father. So you see, He is not a jealous God, as so many believe, but is anxious that all His children shall love and enjoy those things that He has provided for them, the least of which is not the soulmate love.

You have been very kind, and I will not write more now, only to say how much I love him and want him to be happy. Helen is here and says she will write you and tell you of her love, and the things that await you when you come to the spirit world.

Your sister in Christ,

Mary Kennedy