Mary is now in a higher Sphere.

February 16, 1920

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary:

Well, I am here and want to say a great deal, but as Helen has warned you I will not trespass very long, and Helen did me an injustice when she said I would want to write all evening. I am as considerate of you as possible, and not withstanding my opportunity, I realize your capacity.

Tell my dear one that I have wanted for a long time to communicate with him, and that although I have the advantage of him in that I can see what his thoughts are and know just how much he loves me, yet I also desire to tell him of my love for him and how much I am interested in him and want him to know it. He is my own true lover, and I realize that no other woman can come between him and me, even as to any earthly love that he may have. And just here let me say that I am not reflecting on you for I know the circumstances in your case, and how it is best that you should have someone to comfort your last years on earth. But Leslie does not need such a one, and I shall always be sufficient for him as he is for me. Tell him that I am very happy in the knowledge that he is all mine, and that my love for him is always increasing, and my efforts to make him happy never end.

I am now in a higher sphere than when I last wrote him and realize what the wonderful Love of the Father means more than ever. Also with this increased Love in my soul, I have more love for him in the full consciousness that no earthly pleasure or conditions can ever for a moment separate us, and that the bliss I have will be nearer his than he can imagine. I really believe that when he comes over it will not be very long until he finds his home with me, and enjoys the happiness of my home, a wonderful home not like anything on earth or that has been conceived of by man. No, it is beyond description and the nearest approach to description that he can understand is that the Father’s Love is in and about it to a degree that renders everything beautiful and grand. He must not despair of coming to me, for he will come as surely as your sun will rise, and then he will know what happiness means in the experience and enjoyment.

I am so very happy that I can write to him tonight and encourage him with the knowledge that all these things will be his and forever. He, I know, is not surrounded by those things which ordinarily make men happy, but he has greater wealth than these things can possibly give him, for he lives in much of not only the Father’s Love, but in the love of a soul-mate, who is all his and ready to give him the real true happiness that the union with a soul-mate in the Celestial Heavens can give. He must continue to pray for an increased inflowing of the Father’s Love, and as that shall come to him, I shall be enabled to see that the soulmate love for his Mary will increase also, and I shall be happier, and he will also.

I would like to write of many things here in such reality and grandeur, but as you must not write much more, I must forego the pleasure. But this he must know, that my love is all his, and the many mansions spoken of by the Master will prove to him to be a reality, and not the mere hope that so many mortals rely on.

I send him a kiss, yes, many kisses, such as only angels can send, and if his soul is opened up to their coming he will realize what it means. With my love to him and the assurance that I am watching over him and love and sympathize with him in all his earthly worries, I will sign myself his loving