Mary is progressing in Divine Love.

May 1st, 1918.

Received by: James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

I will write a few lines if you will consent, and I know you will, for Helen says that you receive so many letters of love and encouragement from her, that you are wholly sympathetic whenever other soulmates desire to write to their other halves on earth, and especially when I come to write to mine, and Helen knows and never tells me an untruth except when she is trying to plague or tease me.

Well, I am very glad that I can write once more to Leslie, for it has been a long time, as it seems to me, since I wrote him, and I believe that he thinks so, too.

I know that he is interested in me all the time, for the reason that I know he loves me, and where loves enter there can be no want of interest, and so it must be.

I am very happy and am progressing all the time in my soul qualities, and in my position in the soul spheres where only the Divine Love exists, except the other love which belongs only to soulmates. Since I have become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres and realized what an absorbing thing the Divine Love is, I wonder that I can have so much of this soulmate love as I do, when I realize the fact, and know, that no other love exists in our spheres except the Divine Love and our soulmate love. No love of mother or father, or any other love that belonged to the relationship of the human life has any place in our existence or happiness, for spirits cease to have brothers and mothers and other relations, but all are as one great brotherhood, whose nearness and unity depends upon the amount of the Divine Love that enters into the souls of the respective spirits, and in this, the Divine Love is different from our soulmate love in that the former is of a one nature and substance, though possessed by spirits in different degrees, and is of the same quality and may be possessed by the souls of spirits alike, while the latter belongs only to the two soulmates, and no other spirit can enter into or possess any portion of that love which belongs to the two soulmates alone. I often think of this fact, and how good is the Father in giving us this great Love which we partake of in common with all other spirits, yet, let us have this soulmate love all to ourselves. This may at first seem to partake of the element of selfishness, but it is not, because, while one of the two souls can and does have it, yet, no other soul is thereby deprived of any love that would make them unhappy or that would afford them any greater happiness. It is not selfishness but merely the possession of that which in itself makes the love of the two individual.

Now, from what I have said you must not infer that when we become inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres all the loves that were ours when on earth by reason of our human relationship are not with us, for it would not be true to make such an inference. The explanation is that the objects and the place of existence of the objects of our loves, determines whether we continue to have this love of the human relationship. If our parents or brothers or sisters, or others having a relationship whom we loved when on earth, continue to live in the flesh, or even in the lower spheres of the spirit world, then our earth love, as I may call it, remains with us, and our dear ones are just as much, or to a greater degree loved than when we were on earth or in the lower spheres; and out of that love grows our desire to help and influence for good our relatives.

But when these relatives become with us inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres, where the Divine Love is the great love belonging to us all, then, the love that is possessed by reason of being relatives one to another, leaves us and has no influence. As long as you remain mortals we love you as parents or children or other relatives, but when you come with us to the Celestial Heavens there remains no reason why such love should continue, for this Divine Love is sufficient for all and supersedes these other loves.

Well, I love my Leslie, and I will love him for and through all eternity because I know that he will come to me in my home and be united, his soul to mine.

I am with him a great deal and my love for him never dies down or ceases to exercise its influence upon his soul, and never will so long as we remain separated, which will not continue very long, as we who are in eternity view it.

I have written too long already and must stop. But I want to tell him that he has his angels around and with him very much, and he is never left alone. When he prays, as I know he does, we are all with him praying to the Father for a greater inflowing of His Love into my dear one’s soul.

Oh, how I wish that I could tell him of the extent of my love and what it means to him, and how much I want all the love that he can give me.

He must think of me and keep up his courage and faith in the truths that have come to him, for he will never be disappointed in that faith or in the expectations that come from it. Good night, my dear one.

Your own loving,