Mary the mother of Jesus writes on the parentage of Jesus.

April 15th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary the Mother of Jesus.

I come to you with all the mother’s love of one who loved her dear son so much while on earth, and who suffered all the heart pangs which the cruel death of my beloved caused me, and with the love that has been purified by experience and closeness to the blessed Father.

I say, I come to you with this mother’s love, for you are the children of my Father, as I am his child, and you are also the brothers of my dear son, who is with you so much and so interested in you and your future.

Let your love for the Father increase, and also your love for the Master, as he is the greatest and dearest friend that you have in all the Celestial or spiritual heavens.

I am in the Celestial Heavens, very near the fountainhead of God’s Love, and also near the home of my dear son, but not in the same sphere with him for no spirit in all the Celestial Heavens has the same great soul development as he has, or possessed with the Divine Love to such an extent.

And I want to say just here that I am not in the condition or place that I am, because I am his mother, but because of the development of my own soul – only this great possession of the Divine Love determines our position and condition here.

I am now in such condition that I know that the Love of the Father is the only thing in all the universe of God that can make a mortal, or spirit either, a partaker of the Divine nature, and an inhabitant of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I will not write more, but will come again and write you of the early life of Jesus, and of his development in the Love as was shown to me, while he was a growing child, and after he became a man, prior to his public ministry.

(Question – Was Joseph the father of Jesus?)

Well, I suppose I am the only one in all the universe of God, who knows the fact with reference to that question, and I as a spirit of the Celestial Spheres, knowing only truth, say to you and all the world, that Joseph was the actual father of Jesus, and that he was conceived and born as any other mortal was conceived and born. The Holy Spirit did not beget him and I never was informed that such a thing would happen. I was known by Joseph before the conception of Jesus, and by him I was made pregnant with that blessed son. This is the truth and all accounts and statements to the contrary are erroneous.

I was a simple Jewish maiden, and never had any knowledge that my son was to be different from the sons of other mothers, and it was not until after the development in him of the Divine Nature of the Father that I realized that he was so different from the sons of other mothers.

I will not write more tonight.

So my dear children believe what I have written, and also know that I love you with a great love, and am working with the other Celestial Spirits to make your souls the possessors of this Great Love. With this Love and my blessing I will say, God be with you now and for all eternity.

Your sister and mother in Christ.