Mary writes of her progress and love of the Father.

December 18th, 1917

Received by: James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

Well, I see that you would rather hear from me than from the last spirit, although you are interested in showing the way to spirits who know not the way to salvation and the wonders of the New Birth. Yet, I believe that I am somewhat nearer to you and that you would rather have a few lines from me.

Well, I am very happy because of the opportunity of writing once more to my soulmate and telling him that I am his own loving Mary, and am always anxious to tell him.

I know that he will be pleased to know that I have progressed since he last heard from me; for I am now in the Celestial planes that have no number, and among spirits who fairly shine with the Great Love of the Father, and are happy beyond all conception, not only of mortals, but of spirits who have never reached the plane in which I now am. I wish that I could explain to Leslie what my present condition and surroundings are, so that he might form some idea of what the happiness of his soulmate is, but I cannot, and will not try. But this I can tell him, that my new position and happiness do not keep me away from him, for the increased love of the Divine that enters my soul, there also enters in a greater love for him, and a greater longing to be with him; and as he cannot come to me, I can come to him, and in coming bring my happiness with me in all its fullness.

He will understand, that while I fully realize that the higher I progress the greater the distance between us, yet he will also understand that I must seek to progress with all the strivings of my soul. And he must not think this progress will keep me apart for a longer time than if I should remain stationary and wait for him. It will merely seem so, for when he comes to the spirit world and learns just what my position means, he will want the more to be with me, and will strive the harder to reach my home, so that his strivings and longings to see my home will be such that what is lost in distance will be made up to him in time; and besides, I will be so much more enabled to help him, for the greater the love the more rapid the progress, and when he sees the great love that I shall have and feel its influence, he will the more easily appreciate the possibilities of his own progress.

Yes, I am surprisingly happy, and only wait his coming to make complete the soulmate love, but of course I do not long for his coming in a way that might bring him to me sooner than it is intended that he shall come. He has a work to do and he must know it, and that is his sacrifice, as he will understand after he comes over, but it is a glorious sacrifice, for from it will flow that which will enable him to make the more rapid progress after his work shall be done.

I will not write more now. I know that he would be glad to know of my progress, and so I took the opportunity to tell him, and am so happy that I can do so. I wonder if he ever thinks what a difference there would be in his own soul if during all the years prior to his coming over, we should have to remain silent, and he never knew of what love is waiting for him, and what a soulmate is trying to do for him. How blessed we both are that we can exchange our thoughts of love, and know that sometime in the near future there will be a glorious and happy meeting of two souls that are really one.

Well, I will not take more of your time. So with my greater love to him, I will say Goodnight.