Mary writes there is only one soulmate.

January 12th, 1918.

Received by: James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary:

Well, I must say a word because I have the opportunity and am just now like the old lady who never missed a wedding when she had the slightest chance of being present. I come with love, and while I know my sweetheart appreciates gratitude, yet, I know also that love is a greater thing to him, and especially soulmate love, which in all the heavens and earth, I am the only one that can have it for him. Isn’t this a glorious thing? No matter how many wives he may have, none of them can be his soulmate, and no matter how many beautiful and attractive spirits he may meet when he comes over, none of them can become his soulmate, only little me, and when he thinks, he will realize that we are eternally united for better or for worse, but there will be no worse.

Well you see I am full of love tonight and can’t help writing about it, and I know that you will not think I cannot write of anything else, for I have written of other things, but I must confess that I would rather write of love, except when I can tell him of the Greater Love, and thereby help him towards the acquirement of that Love.

I heard him speak of his brother, and I am glad that I can tell him that he is now not in the darkness that was his a short time ago. And how could he remain in the condition very long when it is realized what a mother that brother has in the spirit world, and with the love she gives to him, as she visits him and tries to show him the way to light and truth. She will have to come herself and write of her experience in inducing that son to believe in and trust her, and follow her advice, and she says she will do so, sometime.

I am very happy and find that this love of which his father speaks is growing in my soul all the time, and with its increase my soulmate love is growing also.

I will not write more now, as there are others who desire to write, and Helen says that I had better let the Doctor imagine what the rest of my love may mean, for possibly his imagination can cause him to enjoy the love more than if I attempt to tell him of it. So with my love, I will say good night.

And God bless him with a Love that has no ending, and is never absent from him when he longs for it.

Good night,