More commentary on the events of this war.

February 8th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, William, (Grandfather of the Kaiser).

Let me say a word in response to what has just been written, as I am interested in the war.

I am heart and soul in sympathy with the sentiments just expressed, and so anxious for the end to come, for my people are suffering so much, and so many of them are coming to the spirit world, their lives all cut off and prevented from performing the missions of their Creator.

I have sympathized much with all the people who are engaged in this war, and have tried so hard to influence my own family to bring it to an end, but in vain, for the fire of ambition and the cravings to conquer have ruled them. But I see the end will soon come, and then will also come the suffering; for it seems to me that my family will soon thereafter cease to be the rulers of my people and will be execrated as the creators of this great conflict and the cause of all the murders and sufferings that have been suffered by the German people. And my only consolation is that life on earth is short and that the spirit must find its home in the realm of spirit; but even then, the suffering will continue. But I trust in the mercy of the Father and realize that He does all things right.

I cannot say more tonight, but that we are all praying for the people of the world and are asking the Father to open up the hearts of the rulers to the inflowing of His Love, and the bringing about of peace.

I will close.

William, the Grandfather of the Kaiser.