Nita, James’ daughter writes on her love and progress.

May 25th, 1920.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Nita:

I am so glad that I can write to you again. It has been a long time since you let me write and I have been so anxious to tell you of my progress and love. Why, Daddy, I thought that you loved me so much that you would not keep me waiting so long to tell you of my love and how happy I am, but mother told me that you were not in condition to receive my message and that I must wait until conditions are different and I understand, but thought it strange that anything should interfere, to prevent me from writing to my Daddy.

And now I want to tell you of my progress and how the love of the Father has changed my soul so that now I am in a sphere from where I may soon expect to go into the Celestial Heavens where mother is. When I first came to spirit life as you know, mother met me and took me in her arms and was so loving and tender with me, that I had no fear, because of the change in my condition, and with her were other beautiful and loving spirits who gave me their love and assured me that now I would soon find a home that was so different from my home on earth and would experience a happiness that I had never before felt. And I was not afraid and did not want to go with my body again as I was told so many newly arrived spirits desire to do when they first come over.

I was satisfied from the first, and how could I not help being so when I had such a beautiful mother to enfold me in her arms and assure me that never more would I have to undergo the cares and disappointments of an earth life. How glorious this was and how I thought that if heaven should have all spirits as lovely and grand as was here, what a happy place it must be. Mother was with me for quite a while and also grandmother Padgett, who was also beautiful and bright, and who told me that I had nothing to fear, but to believe that I was in the truly spirit world when later I should find everything to make me happy and contended.

But how badly I felt when the parting came, for you must know that this parting was necessary. Mother lived in a higher sphere to which I could not go and she could not remain with me all the time, as I wanted her to do. But she told me that she would be with me quite often to comfort and love me. That under the law I would have to go to the place that I my soul fitted me for and from thence I would have to pray and work for my own progress. That she could not determine for me where I should live and that only my own souls condition must fix my place and so as I say we had to part.

I soon found myself in some darkness and suffering and did not quite understand why this should be so, or what was the cause of my darkness, but after a little I found that my recollection of my earth life came to me in wonderful clearness and that my conscious was causing me some suffering. I was awfully lonesome and wanted my mother so much, but found out that I had to bear my own burdens and obey the laws that fixed my condition.

I know you would want to be with me if you could, to comfort and love me and protect me from my sufferings, but this was impossible for this law that I speak of, knows neither mercy or forgiveness, until it is satisfied. It is stern and unrelenting, and from the very necessity of things, must be so, because only through its workings can a soul be made purer and enabled to progress from its first condition. But thanks to my dear mother I had with me the hope that such condition was only for a moment and that soon the Love would come to me and take me out of the workings of the law and set me free and enable me to get into light and more happiness. Oh! how I prayed and prayed for this Love and tried to believe that it would come to me and display the darkness and the recollections of the evil things that I had done and thought when on earth.

And mother and grandmother prayed with me, and encouraged me with their sympathy and love and the assurance that this love would come to me and that the Father would answer my prayers.

While in this condition and on one occasion when I had been praying with all my soul, and when my faith seemed stronger, there came to me a beautiful spirit all tender and loving and said, my daughter, the Father will hear your prayers and soul longing and call you to higher service and brighter surroundings and greater happiness, for I know that he never fails to answer the prayer of an earnest soul and besides you are the very child of His Love and care and nothing pleases Him so much as when His children call on Him for His Love and help. And I am praying for you also and my faith makes it certain that you will soon receive the answer, only let your very soul breathe out its longings for His Love.

Oh! how beautiful and grand he was and how tender his love, which seemed to flood all my surroundings and to give me such hope and encouragement that I felt that I surely must be a little weary in brain while he was talking. He then told me, that he was Jesus and was so glad that I had come to the spirit world with so much love surrounding me and also told me how he loved me and sympathized with me and wanted me to get out of my darkness and into the light. I cannot express to you how I felt as he talked to me and how I wondered if he were not really God. But he could not be God for he was so human and humble and seemed to think that he was a mere child of the Father of whom he spoke. When leaving me, he said, that he would come again and talk to me of the Father and His Love and blessed me and said: “You are a child of our Father and just as dear to Him as I am, and He loves you just as much as He does me. Believe in His Great Love and you will be happy.”

Well, daddy, you can imagine what my feelings were and how much I was helped. I will not stop to tell you now of how this love came into my soul, little by little, until at last it seemed to fill my whole being. Oh, how happy I became, and how beautiful my surroundings appeared and what beautiful bright spirits I found myself in an association with. I was satisfied and my home became to me the most glorious and happiest place imaginable.

But this was only the second sphere of which I have written, and even that sphere surpasses all conception of man, and would satisfy the most hopeful and extravagant man as his house of bliss. But I continued to progress and more and more of the love came into my soul, and strange as it may seem to you, as I rose higher and higher, grandmother was with me so very much, became more beautiful and glorious than ever before.

I understand now why that was. As she came to me in the different spheres, and as I rose higher, she approached nearer her home and took in more of the beauty and glory that are really hers in her sphere of living.

But I have written enough for tonight, and besides you are tired.

Now I am happy beyond expression and love you with a greater love than I ever had on earth, and know what love really is, and one of the happiest things that I now have before me is to wait until you come and meet you with all my love and goodness.

Oh, daddy won’t it be glorious when you come over and we can all be together in love. You thought that you had a beautiful Helen on earth, but when you come to us and see her in her glory, your very eyes will be dazzled at her appearance.

We are with you a great deal, loving you and trying to help you and you must believe that we will never leave you, till you reach the heaven where we now are. And not then if you want us with you.So daddy, believe that I am your little Nita and that I write you and love you with all my heart and soul.

Your, Nita.