Nita writes to her father James.

October 14th, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Nita:

Let me write a line.

I am Nita, and I have been so anxious to write you ever since I came to the spirit world and realized that I could do so. Well, Daddy, I cannot tell you how happy I am and how glad I am that I can write you. I know that mother has written you in regards to my passing over and my condition and progress since I became a spirit, and all that she said is true and much more. I am so desirous of telling you in detail just what my experience has been, but as this is my first attempt to write I will not do so tonight, but very soon I will, and I know that you will get tired before I cease writing, for I have so much to tell you.

Of course I had some idea of what might be my experience in passing, but the idea was a very faint glimpse of what I really experienced, and I want to tell you how much your information when I was with you helped me.

Well, Daddy, I am also so very glad that I could be with you so much and know that you were still my dear Daddy, and loved me so much more than I ever realized when on earth. I am now so very happy and know to a large extent the reality and blessedness of God’s Love, which you used to tell me of. Oh, how can I ever express to you how thankful I am that you told me of this Love, for it has been the means of helping me so much in my progress. I am now in the third sphere as mother tells me, and I cannot tell you the beauty and loveliness of all that surrounds me, and what a lovely home I have and what delightful associates. You must not think me selfish when I write that I would not return to the earth life for all the world, for here I am free from the worry and troubles that I had, and also can be with you and love you and know that you love me as your own darling baby.

I am with brothers a great deal also and try to make them realize that I am with them, loving them so very much. They think of me sometimes and wonder if I am really with them, and I know that they, to a degree, feel my presence even though they are really not conscious of the fact.

Well, Daddy, I have written a good deal, and mother says I had best not write more now, but wait until I am in a better condition to express to you just what I desire to write. So love me and think of me, and expect me very soon to tell you of what I have suggested.

Give my love to the boys, and especially to Hazel and tell her that I am with her, and so is mother, both trying to help her, and make her expectations come true, and also cause her to be the happiest little mother in all the world. She has wonderful influences around her, and should be very happy as well as should Harry, and I know you will also.

So, dear Daddy, I must say goodnight.

With all my love, I am still your own loving,