Observing the presence of Divine Love in another’s soul.

June 21st, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, William Stone:

I want to say just a word to my son. I have been with him a great deal of late, observing the presence of the Divine Love in his soul. I am justified in telling him that this Love at times has flowed into his soul in great abundance, and as John said, all the powers of the spirit world could not have prevented it from doing so. He must realize that earnest prayer and the longings of his soul are the only meditations between him and the Father and that this response is of that nature that in order for him to be conscious of it, it is not necessary for some spirit to tell him. No, only he, and God, knows where the Love comes from and no spirit can possibly get between that God and the mortal soul. Of course we can see the effect of the possession of that Love by the soul of the mortal and spirit as well, but when it comes only he can sense it. God is his only bestower and He alone can direct the Holy Spirit. I write thus, because I want to implant firmly in my son’s mind and consciousness the fact that this Love needs no help from spirits to bring him its presence.

My Father is always waiting to bestow the Love even though He, the substance, may not be present in His soul form; but His Love is never absent and never fails to respond.

I am happier than I can express over the fact that my boy has the opportunity to come into a knowledge of the way in which this Love can be obtained and the further fact that his soul consciousness has been so developed that he can sense its bestowal.

We are all present tonight and are praising and thanking the Father for His goodness and mercy and our prayers are ascending to Him for a greater and greater bestowal of this Love.

While we are not unhappy over the fact that if our other children would turn their thoughts to this Love and seek for it, we would be able to rejoice with a greater joy. We realize that life on earth is short and that very soon all our children will be with us and then they will learn the truth and turn their thoughts to things spiritual, and that we will be able to help them without the interference of the flesh, and the allurements of the world; but how much better it would be if they would only start on their progress while they are surrounded by the temptations of the flesh. We are praying for them and constantly trying to impress them with our love and thoughts of things spiritual; and have a lively hope that before they come to us the awakening may come to them.

I am progressing and the fact that my son sends us loving thoughts and attracts to him spirits of the high Celestial Spheres help us all so much for we get the benefit of the truths that they convey and the wonderful atmosphere of Love and the Divine Love that they bring with them.

I will not write more.

All send their love and blessings, good night.

Your friend in Christ,

William Stone