On his findings of the material Universe.

January 21st, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am the spirit of Galileo, and come to you to tell you a few things pertaining to the spirit world of science.

When on earth, I thought that my invention of the telescope was a most wonderful thing and that it would revolutionize man’s knowledge of astronomy and the solar system, and to some extent it did. But what I saw and anticipated then was as a mere drop in the bucket to what I have learned of these matters since I have been in the spirit world, not bound by the limitations of space and sight.

I have explored these heavens, among the planets and the stars, and have discovered many truths in reference to them not even conceived of by men. I desire to come sometimes and describe to you and explain to you these hidden truths so that man may have an enlarged conception of the great God whose creatures they all are. It is too late tonight to commence my discourse, and with your permission I will come at a later date. I live in the Sixth Sphere, where the intellect rules supreme and the wisdom of the ages is congregated.

Yes, I have seen Jesus, and sometimes he comes to our spheres, but he is not so much interested in these scientific matters as in disseminating the Divine Love, as he calls it. I do not know what this is, and am not much interested, as I find great happiness in the pursuit of my studies of the material universe.

I will stop now and say good night.