On his progress to the 1st Celestial Sphere.

October 28th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, your father:

I desire to write a few lines tonight, as I have not written for some time and I feel that I want you to hear from me and learn that I have been with you a great deal, trying to help you and make you happy.

I know the worries that you have, and know that everything looks so dark to you and no apparent relief in sight, but you must not have such dreaded views, for what you imagine you see will never come to pass, and things will take on a brighter hue before a great while. I love you, as you know, and so do many others who are with you frequently, and you must believe that they are trying to help you and are doing so.

If you could realize just for a moment what power you have surrounding you and how much it is being exercised for your good, you would not look upon material things in such a gloomy light.

I am now in the First Celestial Sphere and am happy beyond all expression, and know that the Divine Love of which you have heard so much is a real living thing that makes the souls of spirits at-one with the Father and immortal.

My dear son, I cannot tell you the glories of the home that is mine or of the happiness which I have in my soul; and when I sometimes think of what I was on earth and what I am now, I am astonished that such great difference could exist between the two existences. God is all Love and His Mercy and care are without limit, and all mortals are the object of all these blessed attributes of Him.

Keep up your courage and let all the aspirations of your soul go forth to Him and His Love for you are on the right road to obtaining this Great Love in increased abundance and your home in the Celestial Spheres is assured; only pray and have faith.

Many spirits are here tonight and some desire to write, but I do not know they will do, as your wife says that this is her night and she has promised to write you and must keep her promise.

She is so wonderful and beautiful that you would not know her if you could see her in her glorious appearance and her love is exceedingly transcendent, and her love for you rather surprises us all for it is deeper than the ocean and higher than the heavens, as you mortals say. She is a spirit of such exceeding brightness that we who were with her when she first came to the spirit world can scarcely realize that she is the same person that came to us a few short months ago. But she sought for the Divine Love with all the positiveness and longings of her soul and was never satisfied unless she was progressing, so that now she is higher up in the Celestial Spheres, and is filled with this Love, and with it has a beauty that outshines the stars and a wisdom that you cannot conceive of.

We all love her very much and her work in bringing soulmates together is resulting in a wonderful good and happiness to these happy ones.

Well, I am glad that I could write to you tonight and tell you these things. But do not forget that I am with you very often and am still your Guardian Angel although you have around you and interested in you, a vast number of spirits of the Celestial Heavens.

Well, you must know that as I progress in my soul development I also progress in my mental development, and knowledge and power of expression come to me, as it were, unconsciously, and no effort is required to write you and explain the things of this world in a manner that you would hardly expect from what you know of my mental development when on earth.

There are many surprising things occurring all the time to spirits as they progress, and I am told that there is no end to our progress, and it must be so, for even the highest spirits say that they are progressing to higher and higher planes all the time.

Yes, my soulmate has progressed with me and we are very happy. I wish I could tell you what soulmate happiness when combined with the happiness of the Divine Love means. But it would be useless to try.

Your mother’s soulmate has progressed also; he is in the Seventh Sphere and is striving with all the energies of his soul to get in the sphere with your mother, and he will soon do so, for she is helping with her wonderful love and is with him a great deal.

I must stop now.

So with all my father’s love, I will say good night.

Your loving father and brother in Christ,

John H. Padgett