On praying and rapport in Divine Love.

September 23rd, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

Let me write a few lines, as I see that you are expecting some of the higher spirits to write tonight, and yet you are not just in that condition which will enable them to write of the higher truths that are waiting to be made to you.

I am sorry that this is so, for there are many messages to be delivered; and the spirits are very anxious to write. But you are in better condition that you have been for some time, and if you continue to improve in a very short time you will be able to receive the messages.

Tonight I merely wish to say that we have been with you a great deal, trying to influence your mind and tune your thoughts to things spiritual so that your soul may become more in accord with us, and we be enabled to make the rapport that is necessary. You have thought more tonight of these spiritual truths than for sometime, and as a consequence, your soul has had a new awakening, as it were, and taken oh the qualities that will enable us to form the rapport, and for that result we are thankful and pleased and desire to advise you to continue in these thoughts and the opening up of your soul. We are all very anxious for the return of the rapport and the opportunity to continue the writings, as so very much time has been lost and the urgency of communicating the truths is very great, and they must not be longer delayed.

As you have been told, the most effective way of reestablishing the rapport is by your praying more sincerely and frequently to the Father for the inflowing of His Love, for you must know that the possession of that love in your soul brings you in closer union with us than anything else that could possibly exist.

I say this that you may appreciate the importance of action in the particular mentioned on your part and also the vital necessity for doing the work which has been assigned you to do. So take my advice and make the effort, and success will undoubtedly come and we will all be happier.

I will not write more tonight as I prefer to wait until you get in a condition which will permit me to disclose some of the truths that I desire to communicate.

Believe that we are with you and love you and above all else desire the development of your soul in love and progress towards a condition of religious experience.

Pray to the Father and believe that it is I who am writing, and that I am your sincere and true guardian and friend,