On soulmate and the Divine Love.

December 13th, 1916

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

Well, I will not be left tonight as I was a few nights ago when Kate wrote her message of love to her brother, for while I really enjoyed Kate’s message of love, yet I was a little disappointed that I could not say a few words.

Well, I know of no more interesting subject to me than that of love and I could write of it until you might become very tired. I mean physically tired, but I will not do so now, for while you may think I am selfish in this particular I really am not, and you will understand me when I tell you that this love is with me in such intensity that it is a consuming flame. I mean that it is the one great love outside the Father’s Love that forms a part of my existence. Of course, you must not infer from this that I have not love for all mortals and spirits, be they relative or friends or not, for I have, and my work is in trying to help them in their unhappiness and sufferings. But as you have a soulmate who loves you and you have some of that soulmate love yourself, you will understand that it cannot be divided by any other love, and that it is only a little less than the Divine that can make two soulmates completely happy. Well, I heard you and I admit that I have it bad, and am glad of it, and would not lose one iota of it for all the world. Just you wait until you get it bad and then you will understand that I am not expressing to any very great degree how bad I have it.

Well, as we are all in one boat, as the saying is, in this matter, I will not think that your expression means anything more than an approval of my feelings.

I have enjoyed your conversation tonight and I am so happy that there is so much Love in your souls and that you are seeking for more. Persevere and you will not be disappointed, and you will find that it is not mere speculation but the great truth of the universe, or rather, the Celestial Spheres.

Helen says that she agrees with all that I say and that she is glad that I. told you the truth when I said that she loves you with all her heart and soul.Well, I will not write more now.

With my love, Mary