On soulmates who do and who don’t have Divine Love.

May 26th, 1916

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

I desire to write about a matter that will interest you as I have heard you express your wonderment as to what would become of the soulmate who should happen to be in a condition that caused him to be without the Divine Love at the time the great potentiality of obtaining the Divine Love should be taken from mankind.

Well, this is a subject which has been discussed by spirits of the higher spheres and we have not been able to solve the question. Of course it is necessary that the two parts of the soul must again unite in order to make the perfect one, and if one part should be in the Celestial Heavens and the other part in the Spirits World at the time the great gift is taken from man, it would not be possible for these two parts to unite and become one again.

As you know we are not informed as to when this great separation will take place, and only know that at sometime it will and that then the spirits in each of these conditions of development will have to part and never more become united.

But as to the effect of such a separation on two soulmates I cannot tell you as I don’t know.

We don’t believe there will not be some provision made by which these two separated parts can be united for I cannot conceive that one could be completely happy without his soulmate in condition of unity. Many a soul will never enter the Celestial Heavens or partake of this Divine Love and nature of the Father, but will have to spend eternity in the spirit world. I mean in the spheres lower than the Celestial Spheres, and may or may not have his soulmate with him. I do not know how to instruct you in this matter and am waiting for the great event in order to learn the truth regarding the matter.

But irrespective of this mystery, every man and woman should strive to obtain this Love which will enable him to enter the Celestial Spheres and not wait until he gets into the spirit world, as it is very much easier to start on this journey from earth than from the spirit world.

I do not believe that there will be any separation of soulmates when one of them is in the Celestial Spheres for the result would be the writer’s incompleteness of the severance of that soul from its mate.

I wish that I could inform you as to what provision will be made for the reuniting of soulmates who are in the condition of the ones just mentioned, but I cannot, and all that I might say would be speculation only.

I will not write more now, but will say that you have my love and blessings.

Your brother in Christ, John