On the magnificence of high Spirits that write.

October 1st, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I wrote you once before at your office and was interrupted before I could finish.

I merely want to say tonight that all the spirits who have written you about the magnificent power and glory of the Master, is true, and yet not half told.

The revelation of that night makes an epoch in the spirit world where those who witnessed it live, for it has been told to many spirits in many spheres, and Jesus is now the great center of interest to many spirits, who before looked upon him as a mere spirit like themselves.

How wonderful that this display of power should have been made under the circumstances that accompanied it. Many spirits were present, from spheres which are not soul spheres, in which live believers of other religious faiths.

You will hear much of this night for some time to come, and the results of the great scene will be felt in many places that never before have heard of or been interested in the teachings of the Master.

I will not write more.

So goodnight.

Your brother in Christ

John Layton