On the necessity of doing this work

June 14th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Solomon:

It has been a long time since I wrote you, although I have been present many times when the other spirits were delivering their messages, and of course, have been much interested in you and the messages.

As you will remember, I told you in my message that you had been selected to do the work that the spirits of the Celestial Sphere, led by Jesus, had determined that you should do, and that you must realize the great importance of the work and also the importance of the mission conferred upon you in this regard, and urged you to believe in the truth of what I had written.

Well, I come to reiterate what I then said, and also to impress upon you the necessity for doing this work as rapidly as possible, for conditions are such that the world is very much in want of these truths, as men are turning their thoughts more and more to things spiritual, and to the future life. This war will result in men seeking a religion that will satisfy not only the longings of their souls, but the efforts of their intellects in searching for the truth; and these truths when they are presented to men will give that satisfaction.

Well, the explanation is, that these people, when they pray, attract to them the spirits, and also believe that God will answer their prayers, and these spirits endeavor to help them, and often succeed; and many times the things that these people pray for come to them by natural means.

And this I will say, that never does God by His omnipotence, as regards these material things, answer prayer. All His answers to prayer are brought about by the workings of the spirits who do God’s bidding, and in no other way are prayers for the material things, answered. I know that this may be surprising to many of these people who believe that God, by His great powers answers prayer, but it is a fact.

Well, that is an illustration of the work of spirits, as I have explained. These spirits, when the prayers of that man (Mueller) ascended to God, heard them, and in obedience to their work, impressed mortals to do that which resulted in answer to these prayers. Many prayers have been answered in this way, and will be so long as mortals pray and have faith.

I will not write more now. So goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,