Out of body experiences.

July 3rd, 1916

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary.

I want very much to write as I have been waiting for some time to send my dear Leslie a communication, and I have been so disappointed because it seemed to me that conditions would never present themselves that would enable me to tell of my love and desires. But now that I am writing again, I hope that you will not think me selfish if I should write a little longer than seems to be reasonable.

Well, I was present the other night when you came to us in your spirit form, and what Helen told you is all true, but she did not tell you the whole truth for if she had, she would have told you that I greeted you also, and that you said I was very beautiful and that Leslie had no conception of what a lovely sweetheart he had, and that if he could only see me and be with me he would never want to return to earth again. And I told you to tell him that I was his, and no one else’s, and that I was waiting for him to come, and that I was going to try to bring him to these spheres of love just as Helen did you, and I am going to do it, too.

Of course, I have never had any experience of this kind, but Helen says that she will show me the way and that very soon, and now I desire to tell him that he must not be surprised if some night before very long he finds himself with me and enjoying my love and happiness.

But Helen says that if he does come she will meet him also and tell him some things that will cause him to think that I do not love him so much; but I don’t care if she does so that I have him with me.

He must believe in what I here write, for it is true and we will have all the enjoyment that I can possibly promise, and I know that then I will be so real to him that he will never thereafter have to wonder what kind of looking girl his soulmate is. He may not recollect any more, than you do, his experience, but yet there will remain with him in his memory some conception of what his Mary looks like, so that she will be real to him as your Helen is to you.

Oh, what a glorious thought that I can have him with me in his actual spirit presence, and talk to him and have him talk to me! Won’t that be heaven for us both!

But I must not get into such rhapsody for if I do I may forget some other things that I desire to say.

Tell him that I am with him so very much and that when he thinks I am giving him the signal I am really doing so, and that when he does not receive the signal I am frequently with him. And tell him, too, that as I progress in my soul development and get more of the divine love in my soul, the more I love him, and try to make him realize it, and that now as I am in the celestial heavens, I know that he will not be left in the lower spheres, for I could not be perfectly happy without him, and that God is too good to deprive me of his companionship.

What a wonderful thing is love, and I mean not only the love of the Father but the lesser love of the soulmate when it knows that it’s soulmate on earth returns that love; but of course, the mortal soulmate can never love as does the soulmate in the higher spheres. I am so very happy tonight that I could write for a long time yet, but I must not, though I will add a postscript.

I am with his mother very much, and love her very dearly, because she loves her son so much, and we often talk about the time when he will come to us and be one of the family of redeemed spirits, and when his home and my home shall be the same. His mother is a very beautiful spirit and knows only love, and while she loves all her children on earth yet she feels closer to him because he gives her the opportunity to come to him and he responds to her thoughts of love and happiness.

His father is also much interested and is with him very much, trying to help him and turn his thoughts to the higher things of life on earth as well as here and is now here telling me that I must let him know that he, the father, is so very happy that his son’s longings and aspirations are so often given to those thoughts that will enable him to progress to the delights that come only with the divine love of the Father.

Well, I must stop now or you will think that I am very selfish and I do not want you to think that, for you know I love you as a sister and want you to believe that I am a good little spirit, even if I do love more than some spirits who don’t know so much about love.

So I will say goodnight, but tell my dear one to prepare to have his spirit carried away some night to fields of bliss and beauty that very few mortals visit.

So goodbye. Your own true friend and sister,