Priscilla expresses her great love for her son.

October 13th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother:

I am here, the dear boy’s mother, and I want so much to write him. When I heard of him speak of his boyhood days my heart went out to him with such love and yearning, that I just had to make the effort to tell you that I wanted to write, and I am so happy that you heard me and gave me the opportunity.

I am so very happy and as I listen to him talk about the Love in his soul and tell of the experiences that he has when that Love is working in his soul, for I realize that as he receives this Love, he comes nearer to me, and feels my love which is surrounding him, and trying to steal into his heart, it is his mother’s flavored with the Divine Love, which I have in my heart and soul, and as it goes out to him I know that he must feel it, and realize a happiness that was never his before.

I love my boy more than I can tell him. I loved him with a mother’s love on earth but now I love him, not only with a mother’s love, but with one that surpasses all love which any mortal mother can have.

I desire him to know that I am progressing and that I know that immortality is mine, and that the Celestial Kingdom is mine, where only the great all-enveloping Love of the Father is.

I am so happy when I see that he realizes to an extent this Love, and that his faith is growing day by day, and also that the sins and errors which were once his are leaving him, and in their place is coming this great Love, that only those to whom God has called and bestowed His Love knows what it means.

I will not write of other things tonight for I am so filled with love, that I cannot think of things that are not connected with it, but I will say though, that his father is also progressing and in a short time I hope will be with me.

Tell him to remember that he has the love of many high spirits around him trying to influence him and turn his thoughts more and more to the Father and to His wonderful Love and goodness.

I will not forget to say that there is also with him the love of his soulmate and such a very beautiful and pure love it is, such as no mortal can understand but, yet as real as the heavens, and as deep as the sea. Yes, and as everlasting as eternity. I could not possibly have a more beautiful or desirable daughter than is his Mary, and he must believe that she is an actual existing spirit who is with him quite often knowing that he is hers forever and that some day she will have him with her.

God bless my boy and keep him from all harm and unhappiness is the earnest prayer of his mother.


Mr. Padgett and I were conversing on things spiritual, and I referred to my boyhood days, and then Mr. Padgett heard the voice of my mother and told him she wanted to write me.

Mr. Padgett then took up the pencil, and this is copy of letter:

From Mary Kennedy – October 13, 1916

You heard me and I am thankful. I will only say that what his mother said about my deep love for him is true. I know that I have told him many times that I love him, but I wanted his mother to tell him also, for he knows and can realize that his mother was and is a real being, and there must not come to him any shadows or thought as to her being a real spirit, and I thought that if she would only tell him that I am real as she is, that he would conceive of me in his soul’s eye of faith as being like his mother. This is what I wanted to say, and I am so happy that I can say it.

Goodnight my dear friend,

Mary, Soulmate of the Doctor.

From Mary Kennedy, written immediately after my dear mother, who also spoke to Mr. Padgett that she wanted to write, and was heard and received clairaudiently by Mr. Padgett the request that she wanted to write. Message was written automatically as usual. And Mr. Padgett and I felt a wonderful love present.

Leslie R. Stone