Raleigh writes on his progression to the 4th Sphere.

February 25th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Raleigh.

I am Lord Walter Raleigh, the Englishman, who loved and was beheaded.

Well, I have heard what the last spirit wrote and merely wish to say that the tenor of his discourse is wise and should be followed; but, as he says, there is no way to make it known to the men whom it is intended for, and who only can apply it.

I am also interested in the war, as you may suppose, to some extent, but only because the country to which I once owed allegiance and claimed the protection of is now a very great sufferer by reason of the efforts that are now being made to subdue her. But yet, my interest is not very great, for I have arrived at that condition of brotherly love and the true conception of right and wrong and of the certain destiny of men, that all are my brothers; and the name of Englishman, German, or Frenchman makes no difference in their destinies. The human soul, when it comes to the spirit world, is without nationality, and the destiny of that soul does not depend upon the fact that it was lodged in the form of an Englishman, etc. No, the thoughts of earth, to a large extent, have left me and I am intent on my progress in the spirit world and attaining to that condition which will bring me the most happiness and enable me to do the most good to my fellow spirits, for I am working to help those who are not in such favorable condition as I am.

I live in the Fourth Sphere and am a quite happy spirit, surrounded by many things that make me happy and contented, and am free from all those things that caused me worry and sufferings while on earth. I have lost all my recollections of the acts and deeds, and even thoughts, of my earth life that caused me so much darkness and unhappiness when I first came to the spirit land: but you must not think that it was an easy thing to get rid of these recollections, for I tell you that they clung to me like leeches and seemed to draw from me all my heart’s blood, if I may so express it.

The hells of those who have led lives of wrong or injustice are not imaginary, and all who think that the stories of such hells are the idle tales of superstitious mortals will be greatly surprised when they have shuffled off the mortal coils.

But, as I say, I have progressed out of my dark condition and am now in the light, and quite happy in my pursuits that so much appeal to me.

No, I do not know that such is the fact, and can scarcely conceive that you can know what you say to be true. Of course, if such things are true, I should like to become conscious of the fact and join in the search of discovery, but I doubt that you have knowledge on the subject.

Yes, I should like to make the experiment, and am willing to do so in seriousness and with a mind open for conviction.

Well, I see a great many spirits present – some bright and some dark, but none preeminently bright or beautiful as you suppose may be here.

I have done as you suggested, and one comes and says he is Mr. Riddle, and I must say that he is a wonderfully bright spirit, and has an appearance that is different from the appearance of those spirits that I see in the Fourth Sphere.

Well, I have heard what you said to him and I will go with him and listen to what he has to say in reference to the subject matter of our conversation; but I doubt that he can tell me anything that is an improvement on what I already know. But as I told you, I will listen in seriousness and consider what he may say to me.

So, thanking you for your kindness, I will say good-night.