Reveals that no-one on Earth taught her of Divine Love and is now in her New-Birth.

October 27th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helene (Hortense).

I was the daughter of Josephine, the wife of Napoleon, and I come to tell you that I am not so far advanced in the soul development as I wish to be, but I am striving to obtain that Divine Love that I have been taught since my coming to the spirit world is necessary in order to obtain a home in the Celestial Spheres and immortality.

When on earth, being the daughter of an Emperor, my thoughts were given to everything else than to the real soul religion which I now know is the only religion that can save a soul from sin and error. My stepfather was not a spiritual man, as you may know, but all his thoughts were given to the gratification of his ambition and the conquest of nations. He was also a man who had a great deal of the love nature and was intense in his affections and let them guide his life to a large extent when they did not conflict with his ambitions. He and my mother were true lovers and are now soulmates, but my mother is much more developed than he.

When I died, I was totally ignorant of the soul requirements and my religion was confined to the belief in the doctrines of the Catholic Church, which were mostly man-made, as I now see. No one ever told me about the New Birth and the Divine Love of the Father, but always about the power of the priests to forgive sin and their authority to pray a soul out of purgatory. This, as you may know, did not help me when I became a spirit, and when this great change came to me I found myself in darkness and suffering, with no love existing in my soul, although I had the natural affections for my kinfolks; and it was many years after my death that a knowledge of the soul love came to me and I was relieved of my sufferings and brought into light and happiness. I am now in the Fifth Sphere and am very happy, although my spirit instructors tell me that there are higher spheres where much more happiness exists and which I must strive to enter.

My stepfather is not so much elevated, as he is only in the Fourth Sphere and does not yet know of this soul development to any great extent. His ambitions are still with him, and to him the mind is the greatest part of all the spirit’s possessions. So you see that an Emperor’s daughter does not even stand as good a chance for becoming a spirit of happiness as does the daughter of the poor burghers who know not ambition but whose life is spent in toil and in helping and sympathizing with others. How unfortunate to be a child of high position wherein only the material things of life are thought of and attempted to be obtained. No ambition for earthly things will help a spirit when the earthly things are no more to be obtained.

My mother is with me and she is very happy, and for many years has been trying to induce her husband to give his thoughts to the things of the soul; but so far she has not succeeded, although he sees that she is such a beautiful and happy spirit. But all this love merely shows that the love for and ambition to obtain the material things of life are hard to get rid of and that something in the nature of a great calamity is necessary to awaken some spirits who have this love and ambition to a realization of not only the necessity but the desirability of seeking for the things of the higher spheres. I am now seeking for these things with all my energies and longings, and I am helped by many spirits of these higher spheres. I now know no difference between the prince and the peasant, and in fact I find that the peasant is as a general thing much superior to the prince in his soul progression and beauty and happiness.

My friend, excuse my intrusion, but I have for several weeks seen other spirits writing to you and I so longed to do so, and as the opportunity presented itself tonight I took advantage of it and imposed on you. But to recompense you I will say that your discussions and your writings have done so very much to help me in my progress and bring happiness to me. So I will not detain you further, but will subscribe myself your friend and well-wisher.