Reveals the conditions of Spirit’s in the Celestial Spheres.

March 10th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

Well, I am exceedingly happy and am glad that you are feeling so much improved.

You had quite a long letter from Helen, and I hope, a very satisfactory one. When she tries she can write a very good letter.

I am, as you know, in the same sphere with her and your mother, and we are all very much together, though we live in different homes. Helen, of course, is not as far advanced as I am, and neither is your mother, but, nevertheless, we are very congenial and love one another very much. Soon though, I will leave them for a higher sphere, and then they will miss me I know, for they keep telling me so, and say that they will follow soon after, and I believe that they will, for they are wonderful spirits in Love and faith; and these two possessions, as you know, are the “open sesame” to things and spheres higher.

Well, my son, as Helen told you of her home, I want to tell you a little bit about the condition of the spirits in this sphere. No spirit who has not received this Great Love of the Father is here; or better, all spirits who are here have received and possess this Love. Mere intellectual acquirements are not sufficient to fit a spirit for this sphere; and if a spirit ever realizes that the gate is shut to him, it is because he has not this Love. And then the great happiness that exists here could not be enjoyed by the mere mind, for the mind is limited in its capacity for happiness. Only the soul can enjoy this great happiness.

I sometimes think that if mortals could be permitted, for one moment only, to realize what this happiness is, they would never let their lives slip by without making the greatest efforts to fit themselves for this great life in the Celestial Spheres.

Our time here is occupied in helping one another to a greater realization of the truths of our Father, and in helping spirits who live on lower planes than we do. I do not, now, very often come to the earth plane to help other spirits or mortals; but, of course, in your case I am so bound by my affections and desires, that I am with you quite often, and more so with that darling little daughter of yours; for as I have told you; I am her guardian angel, and so long as she lives, I will be with her to help and guide.

We are engaged in the study of things that pertain more to the spiritual things of this life, than to studying the things of the other worlds of the universe; these things to us are what might be called the material things, and while a knowledge of them would be very interesting, yet our thoughts are turned to the more important truths of God.

Yes, we all have our libraries and homes, as Helen has told you of, but, of course, there is a great difference in these homes, depending upon the amount of Love which the spirit has in his soul. I am now living in a home that is so beautiful, that I could not in the short time that I will write tonight describe it to you; but soon I will in detail, and then you can realize what a home it is.

Well, do not believe everything in the book you have been reading because it is said to be written by spirits, because, even if it is so written, the information given depends upon the condition and knowledge and belief of these spirits. Some may tell the exact truth as they conceive it to be, and yet it may not be the truth.

Well, the explanation is, that the spirits whose communications you read have never learned the truth taught by the Master. They only know what they have learned from what they have read, or from what spirits, who have not this great knowledge, have told them. Any spirit who doesn’t say that Jesus is the greatest spirit and teacher, and the only one of the great teachers who have ever lived on earth who shows the only and true way to the Father’s Kingdom, has never learned this way, or come under the influence of the Master. So as far as that is concerned, do not pay any attention to what they say, or let their communications influence you, for these communications will not help you spiritually.

There are certain great assembly places in the spirit world where the higher spirits meet and discuss the various plans that they think will benefit mankind, and also the lower spirits; and I believe the Master has attended these meetings and given his advice and encouragement. For you must remember that he is a teacher, not only of the way to God’s Kingdom, but also of the acquiring of those things that will help and benefit mortals and spirits who have not received this Great Love.

Part of his mission is to make man and spirits happy, even though they may never become inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres. God Loves all his creatures, and the Master, as His greatest instrument of Love and beneficence, is doing all that he can to make these men and spirits happy; and, as some of these communications say, he has helped in many of these assemblies to do good for all. But, while this is so, yet he is the Father’s greatest instrument in showing men the way to the higher Life.

Well, that is a question that seems hard to answer; but if these other great teachers will not believe the Master’s message as to the only way to the Kingdom, they alone know why and will have to bear the consequences.

Not all spirits are able to see these great truths, any more than mortals are, and the mere fact that they have so much greater opportunity to learn these truths does not seem to persuade them to accept the same.

The higher spheres in which these ancient seers and wise men live are not the Celestial Heavens, but spheres higher up in the spirit world; and no matter how high they may get in these spheres, they will never partake of that Divine essence or nature of the Father which we have told you of, unless they seek for and obtain the Divine Love, and qualify themselves to enter the Celestial Heavens. They will always be nothing more than spirits possessed of the natural love which they had on earth, but, of course, more refined and free from sin; yet it is merely natural love and nothing more.

Yes, I have met Paul and Peter and John and James and several others of lesser development.Yes, they are all in the Celestial Spheres, and very happy, yet they go to the lower spheres to do the work set before them. No spirit who has not received this New Birth is ever permitted to enter the Celestial Spheres, and, hence, the spirit that you speak of has never seen the home of John, and never will until redeemed by the Love of the Father.

I do not think these mortals who claim that they left their bodies and entered the Celestial Spheres, ever did so, and I have grave doubt that they ever entered the spiritual spheres above the third.This is a subject that I will write you more fully about some other time. I must stop now, and you must not write more tonight.

So, with all my love I am your own loving Grandmother

Ann Rollins